The Story of Marie and Julien

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Julien lives alone in a large house in Paris, working as a clockmaker by day and blackmailing the mysterious Madame X to raise extra money. The clockmaker is obsessed with a beautiful young woman he met the previous year, Marie, who he eventually tracks down and begins a relationship with. Marie has her own secrets that she refuses to share with Julien, but they seem to link her to Madame X and the sister Julien suspects the woman murdered. Solving the mystery could lead to Julien losing Marie and the money he makes from blackmailing Madame X.

Not Rated
| 2003 | 2 hr 30 min | 7.0/10
Emmanuelle Béart, Jerzy Radziwilowicz, Anne Brochet, Bettina Kee
Jacques Rivette
Produced By
Roberto Cicutto
The Story of Marie and Julien
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Also starring Jerzy Radziwilowicz