Le Matou

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This French language Canadian drama film premiered in theaters in 1985. It is based on a novel called The Alley Cat by Yves Beauchemin. The film follows couple Florent and Elise who dream of one day having their own restaurant. Their dream seems to come true when an old man in the streets agrees to give them his restaurant. When the couple arrives at the supposed restaurant they realize that they have been duped and have lost nearly everything to the crook. Florent and Elise must now start from scratch and with some help from unlikely friends they may one day realize their dream of running their own restaurant.

1985 | 2 hr 21 min | 6.4/10
Serge Dupire, Monique Spaziani, Jean Carmet, Julien Guiomar
Jean Beaudin
Produced By
Justine Hroux
Le Matou
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Also starring Monique Spaziani