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"He puts the teeth in terror."
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Released in 1990, Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre III is the third film in the Chainsaw franchise. The film begins with Leatherface murdering a young women while her sister watches through a window. The sister, Sara, flees to hide in the woods. As Sara hides, Michelle and Ryan are driving along the barren Texas desert highways. Eventually, they reach a gas station where they come across a hitchhiker named Tex. Michelle and Ryan need help navigating their way through the highways so Tex offers to create a map for them. Soon after, Tex and the owner of the gas station, Alfredo get into a fight which seemingly ends with Alfredo shooting Tex. Ryan and Michelle get in their car to escape.

Michelle and Ryan end up lost. They run afoul of a road raging truck driver and also suffer a flat tire. While Ryan changes the tire, Leatherface appears out of nowhere to attack them with his chainsaw. They are able to get into their car and drive off but end up getting into a car crash with another car driven by Benny, a wilderness survivalist. They warn Benny of the threat and presence of Leatherface.

A man named Tinker arrives on the scene offering to give the three assistance. However, Benny notices Tinker has a chainsaw in the back of his truck and realizes Tinker may be up to no good. Benny grabs his rifle only to be attacked by Leatherface. Sara returns to the scene and saves Benny by drawing Leatherface away. Eventually, Leatherface locates Ryan and Michelle and captures Ryan dragging them to Leatherface's home.

Both Sara and Ryan are eventually killed. Benny and Michelle now have to escape from the meeting similar fates, but the roads are monitored by Leatherface and his family. Michelle is eventually captured making her ability to escape even more troubling and difficult.

| 1990 | 1 hr 26 min | 5.1/10 | 30/100
Kate Hodge, Ken Foree, R.A. Mihailoff, William Butler
Jeff Burr
Produced By
Robert Engelman

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