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  • 1978
  • 1 min
  • 6.7  (7,695)

Les Bronzes is a French film from 1978 directed by Patrice Leconte. The movie is a comedy that follows a group of French tourists during their vacation in the Ivory Coast. The film is known for its hilarious and absurd humor, as well as its focus on the characters. The movie begins with the introduction of the characters, who are all acquaintances on the trip. The group includes Gilbert, a shy accountant who is trying to make a move on Nathalie, a beautiful woman who seems to be more interested in her own looks than anything else. Then there is Jean-Claude, a macho boxer, his girlfriend Gigi, and Jérôme, a nerdy scientist who is obsessed with germs. Finally, there is Bernard, a pretentious businessman who sees the trip as a way to flaunt his wealth and status.

As the group arrives in the Ivory Coast, they learn that their vacation isn't going to be exactly as they expected it to be. First, they find out that the luxurious hotel they've been promised is actually a run-down shack. Then they discover that the beach is covered with trash and the ocean is filled with sewage.

Despite these setbacks, the group tries to make the best of their vacation. They go on safaris, hold beach parties, and even participate in a dance competition. Along the way, they encounter a range of characters, including locals and other tourists, all of whom add to the movie's humor.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is the dance competition, where each of the characters performs their own unique dance. Gilbert's dance, in particular, is a hilarious display of his lack of rhythm, while Jean-Claude's performance is a show of his excessive machismo.

As the vacation comes to an end, the characters reflect on their experiences and the lessons they've learned. Gilbert realizes that he needs to be more confident, Nathalie sees that looks aren't everything, and Jérôme learns to let loose and enjoy life.

Les Bronzes is a classic French comedy that has stood the test of time. The movie's humor is timeless, and the characters are beloved by fans of the film. While the movie may not have the high production values of modern comedies, its charm lies in its simplicity and genuine laughs.

The cast of the movie is exceptional, with each actor bringing their own unique brand of humor to the table. Josiane Balasko is particularly notable as Nathalie, a character who is simultaneously vain and endearing. Luis Rego is also memorable as Jérôme, with his quirky mannerisms and bizarre habits.

Overall, Les Bronzes is a must-see for fans of French comedies, as well as anyone who enjoys a good laugh. The movie is a great representation of 70s humor, and it remains popular with audiences to this day.

Les Bronzes
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    6.7  (7,695)