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  • 2001
  • 4.5  (1,012)

Absolument Fabuleux is a 2001 French comedy film that centers on the lives of two eccentric sisters, Eddie and Patsy, who live a glamorous and absurd lifestyle in Paris. The movie caters to an adult audience and is rated R for sexual content, language, and drug use. The story of Absolument Fabuleux revolves around Eddie and Patsy, two aging French women who spend all their time drinking, partying, and indulging in their private lives. The two sisters drink and smoke in front of their adolescent daughters, which is a way of living that is unacceptable to their daughters. The duo has a flamboyant taste for all things luxury and designer, and they spare no expense in indulging themselves in the most extravagant and lavish lifestyle. Their shenanigans are the talk of the neighborhood, and their presence in the community is a reminder of their youth.

Eddie and Patsy are both middle-aged women who are stuck in their youth days, and they continue to engage in activities characteristic of their younger days. The two women have no jobs or prospects and instead rely on the kindness of rich men for their sustenance. Their luck, however, runs out when they are both cut off from their wealthy sources of income, leaving them financially destitute.

After getting booted out of a five-star hotel for overdrawing their credit, the duo moves in with Eddie’s overweight daughter, Safrane. Safrane is embarrassed by her mother's behaviour and tries to distance herself from them as much as possible. Eddie and Patsy's arrival turns Safrane's life, which was previously uneventful, into a nightmare.

As Eddie and Patsy struggle to find a new source of income, they inadvertently become entangled in a complex drug smuggling operation. The duo soon finds themselves pursued by the French police, and their already complicated lives become even more convoluted. Their escapades lead them to the French Riviera as they try to outrun the law while still trying to maintain their lifestyle.

The film is praised for its witty dialogue and the spot-on performances of its lead actors. Josiane Balasko as Eddie is particularly notable, with her performance as the eccentric and over-the-top character. Her on-screen chemistry with Nathalie Baye as Patsy is palpable, making the audience engaged in their antics. Marie Gillain as Safrane provides a counterpart to Eddie and Patsy's characters, offering a more somber and grounded view of life.

The sets, costumes, and makeup are also impressive, with the film capturing the glamorous and kitschy world of luxury living in Paris in the early 2000s. The film is a perfect representation of how appearances can be deceiving, and one may get the sense that it’s easy to live a life full of glamour, regardless of one's circumstances.

In conclusion, Absolument Fabuleux is an entertaining French comedy film that provides a glimpse into the world of luxury, fame, and conspicuous consumption. It is a fun-filled comedy that is full of quirks and eccentricities, and it is a must-watch for anyone who loves a good laugh. Being widely popular even today, it has become one of the cult classics of French cinema.

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