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Look is a found footage film that was released in 2007. The film’s main plot deals with how many times Americans are caught on camera on a daily basis and claims that the growing amount is currently at 170 times a day. The film involves having found footage film of a group of persons who have been filmed in this manner over the course of years. It exposes that this footage is able to allow for one to learn intimate detail that one may not want other people to know. This includes things like person’s shopping habits, secrets, private conversations, and even the sexual details of their life. The film presents this information in the form of a voyeuristic television show. This oddly resembles the caught on camera shows that have been popular over the past several decades.

The film Look was written and directed by Adam Rifkin. The main character Berry Krebbs is played by Jamie McShane. The film also features performances by Sebastian Feldman, Spencer Redford, and Hayes MacArthur.

| 2007 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.6/10 | 50/100
Jamie McShane, Spencer Redford, Hayes MacArthur, Nichelle Hines
Adam Rifkin
Produced By
Barry Schuler, Brad Wyman
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