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  • 1969
  • 28 min
  • 7.0  (101)

Love You till Tuesday is a musical comedy film released in 1969, featuring an early performance by iconic musician David Bowie. The movie directed by Malcolm Thomson showcases nine quirky vignettes, which served as music videos for nine original songs performed by Bowie. The short clips with a total runtime of just over 50 minutes were produced on a shoestring budget of £3000 in 1967, two years before the film's release.

The film opens with a colourful animated sequence, followed by David Bowie performing a lively song "Love You till Tuesday" while strolling in the park. This song sets the tone for the delightful, whimsical, and eccentric musical pieces that follow. The vignettes range from surreal and artistic to satirical, with Bowie providing clairvoyant commentary throughout. The movie portrays Bowie's unique insights into the spirit of a changing era with his punchy lyrics and charming delivery.

In one act, Bowie plays the role of a madman, performing a song called "Please Mr Gravedigger." He sings about burying an imaginary woman, portraying the character with haunted and hollow eyes, swaying and jerking wildly. His facial expression goes from manic to morose in a flash, showcasing his early talent for theatrical performances. In another act, Bowie strums his guitar and sings "Rubber Band" as he energetically sings about the fun that a lousy group can have with a rubber band.

The film contains various interesting characters, such as an acid-fueled ride in a sports car, a man who nearly electrocutes himself as he fumbles with gadgets, and love ballads set on Thames Embankment. In "London Bye Ta-Ta," Bowie takes on the role of a young man struggling to break free from the mundanity before him. The song itself is a reflection of Bowie's reluctance to fall in love and settle down, as he sings, "I don't know how to love him, but I'm not picking the stars."

Another scene called "When I'm Five" features a young girl named Hermione Farthingale, who sings about the things she wants to do when she's five. She dances around in a yellow dress, twirling and giggling, with Bowie performing beside her. In "Ching-A-Ling," Bowie plays a stereotypical African warrior, dressed in animal print and feathers, gyrating to the music with a group of dancers.

The diversity of the characters and the various musical styles make Love You till Tuesday a unique and surprising experience for the viewer. Bowie delivers his songs with a mix of charm, naivety, and humor, showcasing his willingness to experiment with his musical and artistic expression. Hutch Hutchinson, a close collaborator of Bowie, provides musical support throughout the film, playing various instruments in different scenes.

The film's musical moments are interspersed with witty animations created by Jim Henson, known for his later creations, the Muppets. The intriguing videos are an excellent representation of the psychedelic era with their vivid and strange images that fuse captivating soundscapes and strange visuals. The imaginative images complement the music and lyrics perfectly, making for a harmonious blend of visuals and music.

Despite Love You till Tuesday's low-budget production and lack of commercial success, it remains a crucial moment in Bowie's early career. The film showcases Bowie's musical evolution and his potential as an actor, foreshadowing his later works in cinema. The film's significant release was years after its creation, where Bowie had already started his successful run of hits.

In conclusion, Love You till Tuesday is a delightful, whimsical, and eccentric collection of musical vignettes that provided a glimpse into David Bowie's creative journey as a musician and actor. The film served as an audio-visual demonstration of his charisma, uniqueness and showcased his innovative musical style, blending genres and taking risks long before it became commonplace. After more than half a century, Love You till Tuesday remains both a landmark and a hidden gem of psychedelia that deserves a viewing from Bowie fans and cinema enthusiasts.

Love You till Tuesday
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