Lovers of the Arctic Circle

"Destiny cannot be denied."
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Lovers of the Arctic Circle also known as "The Lovers from the North Pole," is a Spanish film produce by Julio Medem. Two young children, Otto and Ana have become best friends forever. Otto's father and Ana's mother get married only to further make the bond between Otto and Anna together. Once they became teenagers and now living under the same roof, the duo start a sexual relationship. The relationship is hidden well from their parents. They are so sunken in love, they know they will be together forever. Until Otto's mother dies and puts a strain on their relationship.

| 1998 | 1 hr 52 min | 7.7/10
Najwa Nimri, Fele MartÑnez, Nancho Novo, Maru Valdivielso
Julio Médem
Produced By
Fernando Bovaira, Fernando de Garcillán, Enrique López Lavigne, Txarly Llorente
Lovers of the Arctic Circle
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Also starring Najwa Nimri