Lure of the Swamp

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Lure of the Swamp is a 1957 crime drama set in the swampy bayous of South Florida. The main protagonist in the movie is Simon Lewt. He makes a living guiding tourists through the swampy bayou. A Miami gangster named James Lister hires Lewt to lead him through the marshy swamps in South Florida. Lewt is curious about Lister when Lister wants to make the journey alone. Lister disappears in the bayou. When his corpse is discovered Lewt learns that he was a gangster who robbed a local bank. He realizes that Lister hid the stolen cash in the bayou.

| 1957 | 1 hr 15 min | 5.6/10
Marshall Thompson, Willard Parker, Joan Vohs, Jack Elam
Hubert Cornfield
Lure of the Swamp
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Also starring Willard Parker