The Night of the Following Day

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"The Higher the Stakes, The Greater the Terror."
  • R
  • 1969
  • 1 hr 33 min
  • 6.0  (2,433)

The Night of the Following Day is a 1969 crime thriller movie that is set in a French coastal town. It stars legendary actors Marlon Brando, Richard Boone, and Rita Moreno in the lead roles. The movie was directed by Hubert Cornfield and co-written by Brando under the pseudonym Guy Trosper. The story revolves around a kidnapping plot cooked up by a gang of ruthless criminals. Brando plays the role of Chauffeur, a sinister figure who is in charge of executing the plan. Boone portrays Leer, the gang's leader, and Moreno is the tempting widow Estella. The trio, along with a few other men, kidnap a young American heiress named Joanna (played by Pamela Franklin) for a large ransom. But things take a turn for the worse when they realize that Joanna's father doesn't care about her safety and has no intention of paying the ransom.

The Night of the Following Day is a gripping thriller that takes the viewers on a rollercoaster ride of emotions. The opening scene shows Joanna leaving her hotel room, and we sense that something terrible is going to happen. As the kidnappers execute their plan, the tension builds up, and viewers get to see the events unfold from different perspectives. Brando's performance as Chauffeur is noteworthy, and he perfectly captures the character's cold and calculating nature. Boone, on the other hand, is convincing as the ruthless gang leader who would stop at nothing to get what he wants. Moreno's role may not be as prominent, but she manages to leave a mark with her seductive portrayal of the widow.

The movie's direction is commendable, and the editing is spot on. The story moves at a brisk pace, and there are enough twists and turns to keep the viewers engaged. The movie's climax is intense, and it does not disappoint. The finale is unpredictable, and viewers are left wondering what will happen next until the last minute.

The movie's cinematography is also notable. The French coastal town serves as a beautiful backdrop, and the filmmakers make the most out of it. The beach scenes, in particular, are shot beautifully, and they add to the movie's ambiance.

While The Night of the Following Day may not be as well-known as some of Marlon Brando's other works, it is a gem of a movie that deserves more recognition. It is a well-crafted thriller that stands the test of time, and it is definitely worth a watch. If you're a fan of crime thrillers, this movie should be on your list.

In conclusion, The Night of the Following Day is a gripping crime thriller that is sure to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. With stellar performances from its lead actors, masterful direction, and beautiful cinematography, it is a standout movie that deserves more recognition. If you're a fan of the genre, this movie is a must-watch. So, it can be concluded that The Night of the Following Day is a masterpiece that every movie lover should watch at least once in their lifetime.

The Night of the Following Day
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