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  • 1979
  •   (12)

Maan Apmaan is a 1979 Indian Hindi film that revolves around the life of a simple man named Brij Mohan, who starts off as a farmer but later becomes a successful businessman. Produced by Chandrakant C Desai and directed by Mohan Segal, the movie stars Sanjeev Kumar, Sushma Shiromani, Usha Solanki, and others in lead roles. The movie tells the story of Brij Mohan, who belongs to a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India. He is a hardworking and honest farmer who is content with his simple lifestyle. He lives with his wife Laxmi (Sushma Shiromani), their two children, and his mother. Brij Mohan is happy with his family and his work, but fate has other plans for him.

One day, a wealthy businessman named Thakur (Sanjeev Kumar) passes through the village and meets Brij Mohan. Impressed by Brij Mohan's hard work, Thakur offers him a job at his factory in the city. Initially reluctant to leave his family and the village, Brij Mohan eventually agrees, thinking that this could help his family have a better future.

In the city, Brij Mohan struggles to adjust to the urban lifestyle and work culture. He faces discrimination from his colleagues, who ridicule him for his rural background. However, he perseveres and eventually wins the respect of his boss and colleagues. With his dedication and hard work, Brij Mohan rises through the ranks and becomes a successful businessman.

As he becomes more successful, Brij Mohan's priorities shift. He becomes obsessed with his work and material possessions, neglecting his family in the process. His wife Laxmi and children feel neglected and abandoned, and this creates a rift in their relationship. Slowly, Brij Mohan's success starts to unravel as his personal life falls apart.

The movie emphasizes the theme that success and wealth do not necessarily bring happiness and fulfillment in life. It shows how a humble and contented man loses himself in the pursuit of success, forgetting his roots and the values that he held dear. However, the movie also portrays the power of self-reflection and redemption, as Brij Mohan realizes his mistakes and tries to make amends with his family.

The performances in the movie are commendable, especially Sanjeev Kumar's portrayal of Thakur, the wealthy businessman. His character is complex and multilayered, and he brings depth and nuance to his performance. Sushma Shiromani and Usha Solanki also deliver noteworthy performances as Brij Mohan's wife and mother, respectively. The direction by Mohan Segal is effective, and he handles the sensitive themes with subtlety and finesse.

Overall, Maan Apmaan is an engaging and thought-provoking movie that explores the pitfalls of success and the importance of family and values. It is a movie that is relevant and resonant even today, decades after its release.

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