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"A treacherous escape through the Amazon inferno."
  • 1980
  • 93 hr
  • 5.1  (169)

Manaós is a 1979 Italian movie, directed by Alberto Vázquez Figueroa, about the exploitation of manioc plantations and the subsequent struggle of the workers against their oppressive employers in the Amazonian city of Manaus. The protagonist of the movie, Antonio (played by Fabio Testi), is an Italian manager, who comes to the Manaus to take control of a manioc plantation owned by a wealthy family. The plantation is situated on indigenous lands operated by locals who are paid very little and earn their living in harsh conditions.

Antonio is initially disenchanted by the harsh working conditions and the mistreatment of the locals. He witnesses the exploitation firsthand and becomes sympathetic to their plight. He falls in love with Rita (Agostina Belli), a local doctor who is also helping the locals. While Antonio is initially portrayed as a protagonist who is focused only on his job, his transformation is gradual, and he begins to fight alongside the workers to get better wages, better working conditions, and land rights. His passion for Rita and his personal sense of justice drive him to support the workers, putting his job and life at risk.

The movie presents a realistic portrayal of the exploitation faced by the workers in Amazonian plantations as well as a strong message of solidarity. The workers are depicted as being of different ages, gender, and ethnicities, united in their struggle to improve their lives. The plantation owners are portrayed as rugged, often violent, individuals who will stop at nothing to keep their wealth and power. The movie balances its portrayal of the two sides and provides an insight into the complex and desperate lives of the workers.

The scenery of the movie is stunning, with the green forests and rushing rivers. The beauty of the location is starkly contrasted with the brutality of the worker's conditions, creating a poignant visual depiction of the inhumanity of oppression.

The acting in the movie is impressive, with Fabio Testi delivering an impactful performance as Antonio. Testi's acting conveys Antonio's gradual transformation into an ally and activist. Agostina Belli, who portrays Rita, provides a performance as Antonio's equal, as she battles for the workers' rights and becomes an essential part of the resistance.

Jorge Rivero plays Colonel Silveira, a cruel and unrelenting official who is determined to quell the worker's rebellion. Rivero's performance paints a picture of the power and authority that a single person can have, even in the face of resistance. He gives the audience a chance to see the struggle from a different perspective, but ultimately, it is the workers' resilience and perseverance that drives the movie forward.

Manaós is a film that addresses themes of solidarity, exploitation, and justice that are still relevant today, and its commentary on these issues provides a fascinating insight, making it a movie that transcends time. The movie manages to blend its message with an exciting and enthralling storyline, making it entertaining and thought-provoking for audiences. It is a must-watch for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of social and economic issues and the struggle for rights and fair conditions.

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    93 hr
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    5.1  (169)