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  • 2019
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Matchmaker Christmas is a romantic comedy film that was released in 2019. The movie is directed by Brian Brough and stars Emily Rose, Corey Sevier, and Melanie Nelson in the lead roles. The film revolves around the lives of two long-lost friends who reunite during Christmas and help each other to find love. The protagonist of the movie, Maggie (Emily Rose), is a successful matchmaker living in Los Angeles. She is intelligent, confident, and loves her job. However, Maggie has had a hard time finding love for herself. On the other hand, Maggie's childhood friend, Dex (Corey Sevier), is working as a toy inventor in New York City. Dex is charming and creative but is struggling with his love life just like Maggie.

As Christmas approaches, Maggie is invited by her parents to visit them in their hometown in Utah. Maggie is hesitant at first but eventually agrees. Once she arrives, Maggie meets with Dex, who is also visiting his family in the same town. The two friends are thrilled to see each other after so many years and decide to catch up on old times. However, both of them are dealing with romantic issues that they can't seem to solve.

Maggie wants to start a family but is unable to find a man who meets her standards. Meanwhile, Dex is still in love with his ex-girlfriend, Rachel (Madison Bontempo), who is engaged to someone else. Maggie decides to help Dex win Rachel back, and in return, Dex offers to help Maggie find her perfect match.

As the two friends work on their respective problems, they begin to realize that their friendship may have the potential to turn into something more significant. Maggie and Dex have always been comfortable around each other, and their chemistry is palpable. However, they are both scared to ruin their friendship by taking things to the next level. Will they be brave enough to confess their feelings and take a chance on love?

Matchmaker Christmas is a delightful holiday film that captures the true essence of Christmas, which is all about love and togetherness. The movie is beautifully shot, and the scenery is breathtaking. The music is also excellent, featuring some classic Christmas tunes as well as original compositions that enhance the mood of the movie.

The cast is fantastic, with Emily Rose and Corey Sevier delivering exceptional performances. They have great chemistry and make the audience root for their characters' love story. Melanie Nelson, who plays the role of Dex's sister, is also impressive and provides some of the funniest moments in the film.

Overall, Matchmaker Christmas is an enjoyable romantic comedy that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. It's a perfect film to watch during the holiday season, with its heartwarming story, charming characters, and beautiful scenery. If you're looking for a feel-good Christmas movie, Matchmaker Christmas is a must-watch.

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