Me la debes

The movie Me La Debes in English means You Owe Me One. It's a 2001 movie whose title tells it all; it's about what's not known in what appears to be a "normal" family. The family is made up of a husband and father, the wife and mother to a teenage daughter, plus the female maid and the daughter's boyfriend. This is where the excitement begins: The father is sleeping with the maid and the boyfriend is sleeping with both the mother and the daughter; two for the price of one! Sort of like the right arm doesn't know what the left is doing all along. Eventually the truth comes out, that's when all hell breaks loose. This movie is worth watching for the cliffhanger ending; like no other movie.

2001 | 12 min | 7.0/10
Fernando Becerril, Paloma Woolrich, Flor Eduarda Gurrola, Marco Pérez
Me la debes
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Also directed by Carlos Cuaron