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"Beyond Life... Beyond Death... Beyond Redemption"
  • R
  • 1995
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 4.6  (269)

Memory Run is a 1995 science fiction thriller directed by Allan A. Goldstein. Karen Duffy stars as Jesse, an amnesiac woman who wakes up in a futuristic city with no memory of her past. When she stumbles upon a group of rebels fighting against a cabal of powerful corporations, she finds herself caught up in a dangerous scheme to expose their secrets and overthrow their authoritarian rule. Along the way, she must confront her hidden past and fight to preserve her newfound identity.

Saul Rubinek plays Steele, the enigmatic leader of the resistance movement who takes Jesse under his wing and starts to unlock the mysteries of her forgotten life. Matt McCoy co-stars as Newman, a journalist who joins forces with Jesse and Steele to expose the truth and bring down the corrupt system. Lynne Cormack rounds out the cast as the villainous pharmaceutical tycoon who will stop at nothing to maintain her stranglehold on society.

The film's premise is intriguing, as it explores the always-compelling concept of memory loss and identity. The futuristic setting is well-realized, with sleek cityscapes and immersive technology that feel like a logical evolution of our current world. The themes of corporate greed and social control are relevant as ever, making Memory Run a prescient commentary on the dangers of unfettered capitalism and the need for individual autonomy.

Duffy delivers a strong performance as Jesse, conveying her character's confusion and vulnerability with authenticity. Rubinek is suitably enigmatic as Steele, a man with his own secrets and ambitions. McCoy brings an engaging energy to Newman, injecting some welcome humor into the proceedings. Cormack is chilling as the ruthless CEO, and the supporting cast all turn in solid work.

The film's action sequences are well-executed, with a mix of practical effects and CGI that blend seamlessly. With a brisk pace, Memory Run keeps its audience engaged throughout its runtime, never losing sight of its central mystery. The script, co-written by Goldstein and John Bradshaw, is tight and cohesive, with enough twists and turns to keep things interesting.

One potential drawback of the movie is its somewhat dated special effects, which may not hold up for modern audiences, but this is a minor quibble in the face of its engaging story and talented cast. Overall, Memory Run is an underrated gem of 90s science fiction, an entertaining and thought-provoking thriller that still holds up today. It's a must-see for fans of the genre, and anyone looking for a smart and exciting ride.

Memory Run
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    4.6  (269)