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"What haunts you will find you."
  • R
  • 2022
  • 1 hr 40 min
  • 6.1  (58,984)
  • 65

"Men" is a 2022 British folk horror film that delves into the depths of grief and the uncanny, crafted by the visionary writer and director Alex Garland, known for his thought-provoking work on "Ex Machina" and "Annihilation." The movie stars Jessie Buckley, Rory Kinnear, and Paapa Essiedu in pivotal roles, and taps into a rich blend of psychological horror, drama, and otherworldly suspense.

The film follows Harper (portrayed by Jessie Buckley), a woman seeking solace and a fresh start following a traumatic experience. To cope with her grief, she rents a picturesque, remote country house in the lush English countryside, hoping that the serenity of nature will provide comfort and a space for healing. Buckley's performance captures an intricate range of emotions, allowing the audience to journey with her character through the various stages of anguish, resilience, and the search for peace.

The beauty of the rural setting juxtaposed with Harper's internal turmoil sets the stage for an eerie exploration of both the human psyche and the darkness that seems to emanate from the surroundings themselves. The seemingly idyllic retreat soon gives way to an unsettling atmosphere, where the natural world holds obscure messages and unsettling reflections of her inner world.

Rory Kinnear delivers an astonishingly diverse performance, portraying multiple characters in the village, each with their distinct personalities and demeanors. Kinnear's talent shines in these roles, which range from the peculiar to the downright menacing, as he becomes the face of the village's male population. His presence in Harper's story serves as a catalyst for the exploration of themes like masculinity, identity, and trauma.

Paapa Essiedu plays a supporting yet significant role in Harper's life as someone from her past. His portrayal adds to the complexity of Harper's emotional state and personal history, providing context to her present circumstances. Without divulging specifics, Essiedu's character is crucial in understanding the full scope of what Harper confronts during her stay in the countryside.

Garland's storytelling is steeped in symbolism and the surreal, gradually peeling away the layers of perceived reality to reveal something more profound and disquieting beneath the surface. The narrative weaves through elements of folklore and myth, drawing parallels to the natural world and its more arcane aspects. The director artfully uses the setting, characters, and unsettling encounters to subvert the expectations of the genre, creating an experience that is as thought-provoking as it is chilling.

"Men" is visually striking, with cinematography that embraces the natural beauty and eerie isolation of the rural location. The lushness of the English countryside contrasts sharply with the dark underpinnings of the tale, creating a cinematic dichotomy that echoes the film's thematic core. The art direction and set designs contribute to the immersive atmosphere, incorporating richly symbolic imagery which supports the unsettling tone of the film.

The soundscape of the film is equally crucial in setting the mood, with a haunting score that underscores the tension and amplifies the suspense. The music and sound design interplay with the visuals to create an experience that is designed to not only unsettle but also to engage viewers on a visceral level.

Underlying the horror elements, "Men" is a profound meditation on grief, loss, and the complexities of moving on from personal tragedy. It showcases a journey fraught with external incarnations of inner demons and the struggle of confronting them head-on. The film poses questions about the nature of suffering and the forms in which it can manifest, leaving the audience to ponder the intricacies of human emotion and the ways in which we process our deepest fears.

Provocative, haunting, and relentlessly original, "Men" is a film that defies simple categorization. Garland's signature cerebral approach to the genre ensures a narrative that is filled with enigma, open to interpretation, and ripe for discussion. The performances, particularly from Jessie Buckley and Rory Kinnear, are commanding and complex, anchoring the film's challenging concepts with emotional authenticity.

For those who appreciate cinema that challenges convention and provokes thought, "Men" is a mystifying journey into the heart of human vulnerability. Its storytelling demands attention, its horror elements weave seamlessly into a larger dramatic narrative, and its thematic concerns linger well after the credits roll. The film is not just a foray into fear, but an exploration of the very essence of trauma and its pervasive shadow over the path to recovery.

Men is a 2022 horror movie with a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes. It has received mostly positive reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 6.1 and a MetaScore of 65.

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