"Welcome to Metropolis"
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The story of Metropolis takes place in an alternate future in the city of Metropolis. This city is literally built by robots and proudly showcases a wide variety of diverse characters. In celebration of this impressive city, there is a building known as the Ziggurat, which is a giant tower that has been constructed right in the middle of the city, proudly celebrating the success of this city, proclaiming Metropolis as the leader in technology and culture.

While the celebration is going on in the city, a detective by the name of Shunsaku Ban and his son, Kenichi are on a mission to find a scientist wanted for arrest in Japan for Human-right violations of using and handling synthetics to use with machines. In order to find this scientist, they request the assistance of a robot detective name Pero to help them with their investigation.

They locate the scientist who is currently creating an interesting and unique machine named Tima. This robot doesn't seem to operate like most of the robots in the city. Instead, Tima is programmed to operate almost like a real girl. Tima is programmed to question the actions of others while trying to understand how humans operate as a species. The man who was in charge of having the scientist create Tima, Duke Red wanted to have an exact duplicate of his deceased daughter as a synthetic creation.

The foster son of Duke Red and the leader of the Marduks, Rock despises all robots after what they had done to his family. He plans destroy Tima and all of the machines of the city of Metropolis.

The hard working people of Metropolis are fed up with all of the robots taking away their jobs. The people go head to head against the robots in an all out clash to eliminate these machines once and for all!

| 2001 | 1 hr 48 min | 7.2/10 | 75/100
Yuka Imoto, Kei Kobayashi, Kôki Okada, Tarô Ishida
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