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"She fought for her country's freedom at the cost of her own."
  • 2017
  • 2 hr 10 min
  • 6.3  (1,442)

Milada is a 2017 biographical movie that chronicles the inspiring life of Milada Horáková, a prominent Czechoslovakian politician and social activist who fought tirelessly for justice and human rights during one of the darkest periods of European history. The movie is directed by David Mrnka and stars Ayelet Zurer as Milada Horáková, Robert Gant as her American husband Geraldo Schubert, and Daniel Rchichev as Karel Svoboda, a young lawyer who worked with Milada.

Set in the years between World War II and the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia, Milada tells the story of a woman who dared to speak truth to power, even at the cost of her own life. As a member of the Czechoslovakian Resistance against Nazi occupation, Milada was captured by the Gestapo and imprisoned along with her husband and young son. Despite the torture and abuse she suffered at the hands of her captors, Milada never flinched in her defiance of the Nazis and remained committed to her beliefs.

Following the war, Milada entered politics and became a vocal critic of the Communist government that seized power in Czechoslovakia in 1948. She bravely spoke out against the oppressive regime and advocated for democratic reforms, but her activism eventually led to her arrest and show trial. In 1950, she was convicted of treason and sentenced to death by hanging, a verdict that sparked outrage and condemnation around the world.

Milada is a powerful and poignant portrayal of a woman who refused to be silenced in the face of tyranny and oppression. Through her unwavering courage and determination, Milada inspires us to fight for justice and human dignity, even in the most challenging of circumstances.

The performances in Milada are outstanding, with Ayelet Zurer delivering a nuanced and emotionally resonant portrayal of the titular character. She captures both the fierce determination and vulnerable humanity of the real-life Milada Horáková, whose story is both tragic and inspiring.

Robert Gant is equally impressive as Geraldo Schubert, Milada's American husband who supports her throughout her struggle. Their relationship is a touching and poignant aspect of the narrative, demonstrating how love and devotion can sustain us in even the darkest of times.

Daniel Rchichev also delivers a strong performance as Karel Svoboda, a young lawyer who works tirelessly to defend Milada during her trial. His character provides much-needed levity and hope amidst the weighty subject matter of the movie.

The direction and cinematography in Milada are also noteworthy, with David Mrnka creating a compelling and visually stunning portrait of a turbulent era in European history. The movie has a gritty and realistic feel, conveying both the horror of totalitarianism and the resilience of the human spirit.

Overall, Milada is a must-see movie for anyone interested in history, politics, and social justice. It reminds us that even in the face of overwhelming adversity, we can still find the strength to fight for what is right and good.

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    6.3  (1,442)