Mon fils moi

"Tragedy strikes a young boy and his over-protective mother."

In this film, the relationship between Nathalie, an unbalanced mother, and her son Julien is examined. The mother has an unhealthy, inordinate affection for her son and won't allow him to see his girlfriend. She also demands that he expose his genitalia to her. Nathalie is married, but her husband is always busy working and does not challenge his wife's negative behaviors. It seems that only Julien's older sister is concerned about the effect of Nathalie's behavior on her son's psyche. When the sister confronts the parents, they refuse to listen. Eventually, Julien threatens suicide and violence overtakes the household.

| 2006 | 1 hr 19 min | 6.8/10
Nathalie Baye, Victor Sévaux, Olivier Gourmet, Marie Kremer
Alta Classics S.L. Unipersonal
Martial Fougeron
Mon fils moi
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Mi hijo (Mon fils moi)|1:23
Mi hijo (Mon fils moi)|1:23