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Monster School is a hilarious new sitcom from 2014 that follows the misadventures of a group of supernatural students enrolled in a high school for monsters. The show stars Alan August as the school's principal, Talia Banuelos as the young werewolf student, Ryan Alexander Clague as the vampire student, and Natalie Popovich as the shy ghost student. The story is set in a whimsical and spooky world, where monsters and mythical creatures coexist with humans.

The show's main plot revolves around the daily lives of the students, who face troubles and challenges that are specific to their supernatural abilities. Throughout the series, viewers get to witness how the students learn to control their powers, deal with their classmates, and cope with the challenges of teenage life. The series is filled with non-stop laughs and witty dialogues, making it a perfect family-friendly sitcom.

One of the main highlights of the show is its extraordinary cast of characters. Each student possesses a unique superpower, from Talia's super strength to Ryan's sparkling abilities, making the series a vibrant blend of humor, action, and magic. The show also features an extensive cast of supporting characters, including the school's cafeteria lady, the drama teacher, and the class bully, all of whom add to the show's charm and humor.

The show's production quality is top-notch, with detailed set designs that pay homage to classic horror movies. The show's costumes are also meticulously crafted, featuring an array of fantastical costumes that perfectly fit each character's personality. The use of special effects is also impressive, with the show employing clever tricks to bring the monster's powers to life seamlessly.

The show also has a strong educational component, as it teaches the values of teamwork, empathy, and perseverance. The students can only succeed in their mission if they learn to work together and respect one another's differences. This message is delivered in a humorous and often absurd way, making the show perfect for both kids and adults.

Overall, Monster School is a delightful and entertaining sitcom that's perfect for the whole family. It's a must-see for anyone looking to experience the magic and humor of the supernatural world. With its talented cast, clever writing, and impressive production value, Monster School is sure to become a classic in the world of family-oriented entertainment.

MONSTER SCHOOL - A New Sitcom is a horror movie with a runtime of 7 minutes.

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