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  • 2016
  • 20 hr
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Monsters Anonymous is a 2016 horror-comedy film directed by John Willard and written by Shawn Justice. Brian O'Halloran, Jaqueline Siegel, and Jordan Salloum star in the movie. The film revolves around a group of monsters who attend a support group called Monsters Anonymous. They come together to discuss their problems and try to live a normal life among humans. They include a vampire, werewolf, zombie, and other well-known monsters.

Brian O'Halloran plays the role of Larry, a sort of therapist who runs the group. He's a calm, collected person who tries his best to keep the peace among the monsters. During the meetings, he listens to their stories and helps them find ways of coping. He's almost like a father figure to them, and they respect him deeply.

Jacqueline Siegel plays the role of Gretchen, a vampire who is struggling with her addiction to blood. She has a sassy personality and is not afraid to speak her mind. She's the most outspoken member of the group and often gets into arguments with the others. But underneath her tough exterior, she's a vulnerable person who wants to be accepted by humans.

Jordan Salloum plays the role of Tom, a werewolf who has trouble controlling his transformations. He's a shy, quiet person who struggles to open up to others. He's afraid of hurting people during his transformations and has isolated himself from society. With the help of Larry and the group, he tries to find a way to manage his condition and live a more normal life.

The movie is full of dark humor and satire. It pokes fun at the horror genre and plays with the idea of monsters in real life. It also has a lot of heart and delivers a positive message about acceptance and tolerance. The monsters in the movie are not evil; they're just misunderstood creatures who want to coexist with humans.

The film's production value is low but effective. It features practical effects that bring the monsters to life without being too gory or over-the-top. The dialogue is witty and well-written, with some great one-liners that will make you laugh out loud. The pacing is fast, and the movie never drags.

One of the strengths of the movie is its characters. Each monster is well-developed with their own unique personalities and struggles. You'll find yourself rooting for them and caring about what happens to them. This is especially true for Larry, who is arguably the heart and soul of the movie.

Monsters Anonymous is not a perfect movie. Some of the jokes fall flat, and the ending feels a bit rushed. However, it's an enjoyable film that will appeal to horror fans and comedy lovers alike. It's a refreshing take on the monster genre and a fun movie to watch with friends.

In conclusion, Monsters Anonymous is a 2016 horror-comedy film that revolves around a group of monsters attending a support group. The movie is full of dark humor and satire and has a lot of heart. The characters are well-developed and likable, and the production value is low but effective. It's a fun movie to watch with friends and a refreshing take on the monster genre.

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