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"A thriller and action movie where money is the true god."
  • TV-14
  • 2018
  • 1 hr 41 min
  • 5.1  (22)

Motel Acqua, released in 2020, is a thrilling psychological horror movie directed by Marcelo Briem Stamm. The movie stars Ricardo Abarca, Mariano Palacios, and Juan David Restrepo. The movie follows the story of three men - Mateo, Marcos, and Renzo - who find themselves trapped in a mysterious motel called Acqua. The motel is situated in the middle of a desert and is the only place they can find shelter for miles around. As the evening draws in, they begin to experience strange and bizarre events that make them question their sanity.

The three men are all very different in personality. Mateo, played by Ricardo Abarca, is a young man who is seeking adventure and excitement. Marcos, played by Mariano Palacios, is a middle-aged businessman who is trying to separate from his troubled past. Meanwhile, Renzo, played by Juan David Restrepo, is a man who is searching for his missing sister.

As they settle into their rooms, they realize that the motel has no guests, and the staff is not present. The surreal atmosphere of the motel makes them increasingly uneasy, and as the night progresses, strange occurrences plague their night.

Motel Acqua does an excellent job of keeping its audience on edge. The movie uses the setting of the motel to create a sense of isolation and loneliness that engenders a genuine feeling of dread. The cinematography is brilliant, and the film's use of color helps to create a menacing atmosphere that creeps under one's skin.

As the night progresses, the psyche of each of the characters unravels. The three men begin to question their reality as they cannot explain the unusual occurrences that continue to happen around them. The characters' interaction creates an eerie feeling by creating an aura of uncertainty.

The acting performances in the movie are top-notch. Ricardo Abarca's portrayal of Mateo is intriguing, and he perfectly captures the sense of nervousness and paranoia that his character is experiencing. Mariano Palacios delivers an impressive performance as Marcos, brilliantly capturing the struggles of a man who is trying to confront his past demons. Juan David Restrepo effectively portrays the character Renzo as someone with a deep sense of loss and desperation to find his sister.

One of the standout features of Motel Acqua is the way it uses symbolism to convey meaning. As the characters continue to wander around the motel, they begin to realize that the motel has a life of its own. Each room they visit is associated with something specific, whether it be a memory, a goal, or a past event they are trying to resolve.

Motel Acqua's sound design and score are also commendable. The use of sound in the film is used to heighten the tension, making the movie feel deeply immersive. The music score, composed by Sebastian Schacht, is excellent, and it captures the film's eerie atmosphere effectively.

In conclusion, Motel Acqua is a suspenseful, psychological horror that uses its setting, and its characters to create a sense of isolation and dread. The movie's strong performances, stunning cinematography, and unique sound design make it stand out as a stellar example of the horror genre. A must-watch for fans of psychological horror movies.

Motel Acqua
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