Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith

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  • TV-G
  • 2009
  • 1 hr 29 min
  • 5.4  (333)

Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith is a charming 2009 made-for-TV movie starring the iconic actress Cybill Shepherd as a widowed mother named Alice Washington who decides to pursue a long-delayed college education at Smith College. Directed by Armand Mastroianni and written by Robert Tate Miller, this film is an uplifting and light-hearted tale of personal growth and self-discovery.

The story begins with Mrs. Washington struggling to make ends meet as a single mother, working two jobs just to pay the bills. Despite her age and lack of experience, Alice has always harbored a secret desire to go to college, and when her daughter Lauren (played by Corri English), a high school senior, is accepted to Smith, Alice resolves to accompany her as a transfer student.

The audience is immediately drawn into Alice's journey as she proves to be a fish out of water in the hallowed halls of academia. Her homespun wisdom and Southern charm earn her a stern rebuke from an uptight professor, but they also win her the friendship of her racially diverse fellow classmates. Alice is soon caught up in the excitement of college life, attending poetry readings, joining a study group, and even falling for her handsome English professor (played by Jeffrey Nordling).

However, Alice's newfound happiness is threatened by a series of setbacks, including a mounting pile of bills, the discovery that Lauren is struggling academically, and the revelation that her professor is in fact married. As Alice juggles these challenges, she is forced to confront the realities of her circumstances and make some tough decisions about her future.

Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith is a story of resilience and perseverance. Alice's determination to succeed against all odds is truly inspiring, and her journey from working-class mom to college student is both entertaining and enlightening. Cybill Shepherd is a true professional, bringing depth and nuance to her portrayal of Alice, who is equal parts tough and tender.

The film also features strong performances from its supporting cast, including Corri English as Alice's headstrong daughter, Pat Crawford Brown as Alice's spunky roommate, and Gabrielle Union as a sassy fellow student. The chemistry between the actors is palpable, adding to the warmth and authenticity of the film.

The cinematography is stunning, with picturesque shots of the Smith campus and the quaint New England town where it is located. The film's score is equally beautiful, with haunting piano melodies and poignant string arrangements underscoring the emotional beats of the story.

Ultimately, Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith is a heartwarming and uplifting tale that speaks to the power of education, community, and self-discovery. It is a film that will appeal to audiences of all ages, as it explores themes that are universal and timeless. Whether you are a parent supporting a child's dreams, a student pursuing your own goals, or simply someone looking for a feel-good story, Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith is a must-see film.

Mrs. Washington Goes to Smith
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