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  • 1995
  • 4 Seasons
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Cybill is an American television sitcom that aired on CBS from 1995 to 1998. The show stars Cybill Shepherd as Cybill Sheridan, a twice-divorced actress living in Los Angeles trying to navigate the ups and downs of her career, relationships, and family life. Throughout the series, Cybill is juggling her professional and personal lives with the help of her two best friends: Maryann Thorpe (Christine Baranski), a sarcastic writer who is also a divorcee, and Zoey Woodbine (Alicia Witt), a naive and ambitious young actress who is new to LA.

Cybill's two daughters are also frequent characters on the show. Rachel (Dedee Pfeiffer) is a struggling actress who always seems to be in some sort of trouble, while teenage daughter Zoey (Caitlin Wachs) is often at odds with her mother's unconventional lifestyle.

The show also includes several recurring characters, including Cybill's ex-husbands, Jeff (Tom Wopat) and Ira (Alan Rosenberg), as well as her neurotic agent, Andrea (Mariah O'Brien).

Cybill explores topics such as aging, relationships, and the struggle for success in Hollywood. The show is known for its wit, sarcasm, and pop culture references, as well as its distinctive opening credits featuring Cybill standing in front of a different Hollywood landmark each week.

Despite critical acclaim and a loyal fan base, the show was canceled after four seasons due to low ratings. However, it remains a beloved cult classic and is available for streaming on various platforms.

Cybill is a series that is currently running and has 4 seasons (89 episodes). The series first aired on January 2, 1995.

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24. Ka-Boom!
July 13, 1998
Dr. Dick swindles Maryann out of her life's savings, so she retaliates by blowing up his property. Meanwhile, Cybill's morning show gets canceled.
Cybill in the Morning
23. Cybill in the Morning
July 6, 1998
Cybill gets a job hosting a morning show, but she soon finds herself at war with both the co-host and producer.
Don Gianni
22. Don Gianni
June 29, 1998
The first man Zoey slept with arrives from Italy to visit her.
21. Daddy
June 22, 1998
Cybill's father orchestrates a morning show interview for his daughter, but he has ulterior motives.
Farewell, My Sweet
20. Farewell, My Sweet
June 15, 1998
Cybill discovers she's allergic to chocolate. Meanwhile, Maryann's parents drop in unannounced.
Dream Date
19. Dream Date
June 8, 1998
Cybill's obnoxious blind date saves Ira's mother's life.
Whose Wife Am I, Anyway?
18. Whose Wife Am I, Anyway?
April 7, 1998
Oblivious to their divorce, Jeff's grandmother arrives to celebrate their 25th anniversary, but complications arise when the waiter introduces Cybill as his own girlfriend to his parents. Meanwhile, Maryann delivers a calf.
Whose Wife Am I Anyway
18. Whose Wife Am I Anyway
April 8, 1998
Oblivious to their divorce, Jeff's grandmother arrives to celebrate their 25th anniversary, but complications arise when the waiter introduces Cybill as his own girlfriend to his parents. Meanwhile, Maryann delivers a calf.
Oh Brother!
17. Oh Brother!
April 1, 1998
Cybill's niece comes to visit and the ladies decide to kidnap Ira for his birthday.
Fine is Not a Feeling
16. Fine is Not a Feeling
March 25, 1998
Maryann seeks therapy when Justin gets a job in San Francisco.
Cybill Sheridan's Day Off
15. Cybill Sheridan's Day Off
March 18, 1998
When Maryann and Dr. Dick resume their war, Cybill is mistakenly drugged, kidnapped and dumped at the bus station in a nightie.
Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady
14. Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady
March 18, 1998
In a fit of romantic nostalgia, Cybill writes a letter to her first love, Bobby Ray, and is pleasantly surprised when he flies in from Memphis to take her out on a date.
13. Bakersfield
March 4, 1998
After Cybill's mother dies, she finds an unsent letter and decides to track down its intended recipient.
Show Me the Minnie
12. Show Me the Minnie
December 8, 1997
Cybill applies for a bank loan to repair her garage. Meanwhile, obsessed fan Minnie trashes Cybill on a cable access show; and Maryann and Ira have a huge fight.
The Golden Years
11. The Golden Years
December 1, 1997
Several decades in the future, Cybill and Maryann reflect on a past dating failure.
10. Grandbaby
November 17, 1997
Rachel gives birth to her second child. Meanwhile, Maryann has her appendix out and tensions rise when Jeff makes a move on Cybill.
How to Get a Head in Show Business
9. How to Get a Head in Show Business
November 10, 1997
Cybill meets Minnie, an obsessed fan who stole a replica of Cybill's head from a wax museum. Meanwhile, Zoey decides to give up her music career.
Where's a Harpoon When You Need One?
8. Where's a Harpoon When You Need One?
November 3, 1997
Dr. Dick uses a love letter to drive a wedge between Cybill and Maryann.
7. Halloween
October 27, 1997
Cybill hosts the Halloween PBS pledge drive. Meanwhile, Dr. Dick tries to win back Maryann; and Zoey and Justin decide to see other people.
6. Earthquake
October 20, 1997
Cybill decides an earthquake is the universe's way of telling her to quit her crummy sitcom job.
Like Family
5. Like Family
October 13, 1997
Cybill must deal with an out-of-control teenage co-star and the hurt feelings of her best friend.
Some Like it Hot
4. Some Like it Hot
October 6, 1997
Cybil makes everyone crazy with her menopause.
The Big, Flouncy Thing
3. The Big, Flouncy Thing
September 29, 1997
Zoey insists on buying a ridiculous dress for her piano recital. Meanwhile, Cybil picks up a guy at the department store.
The Love of Her Life
2. The Love of Her Life
September 22, 1997
Cybill rekindles her romance with a director she fell for 27 years earlier. Meanwhile, Maryann mistakes Justin's gift for a hideous necklace and Ira takes up basketball.
Regarding Henry
1. Regarding Henry
September 15, 1997
Cybill has erotic dreams about Richard so she visits a past life regression therapist. Meanwhile Justin and Zoey make plans to have sex, and Maryann considers taking back Dr. Dick.
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Cybill is available for streaming on the CBS website, both individual episodes and full seasons. You can also watch Cybill on demand at Amazon, FuboTV, The Roku Channel Free, Hoopla and Crackle.
  • Premiere Date
    January 2, 1995
  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (4,752)