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Beauty and the Beast was a series on television, that was both an adventure, drama and love story. Linda Hamilton starred at New York Assistant District Attorney Catherine Chandler, and Ron Perlman starred as "Vincent". The first episode introduced how Catherine and Vincent met. She worked in her fathers corporate law office. At a corporate dinner party she has an argument with her boyfriend. She walks out in of the event in anger. While she is waiting for a taxi to come by, she is kidnapped. The kidnappers beat her, and cut her face badly with a knife. They then throw her out of the van, leaving her for dead. A large human figure, who's face is hidden from the camera, picks her up and takes her to a special hiding place under the street.

In the next few weeks she is nursed back to health by a man with a voice. She can't see him because her face is covered with bandages, from all the cuts done to her face. The mysterious man is educated, intelligent and extremely sensitive and compassionate. As she is healing, she finds out his name is Vincent. Eventually she becomes so frustrated with not knowing where she is, that she removes the bandages. She discovers his face is similar to a lions. She shows him she does not care about what he looks like. When she leaves both her and Vincent know they will miss each other.

Upon her arrival back in her regular life, she is given plastic surgery, and quits her job with her father. She goes to work as an investigator for the New York District Attorney's office. She soon discovers that her attack was a case of mistaken identity. She decides to go after her attackers, eventually finding them. While she is fighting them, Vincent arrives and kills them all. She convinces Vincent to leave, before the police see him.

The series followers her adventures in her various jobs with the District Attorneys office, and the way Vincent and her connect emotionally.

3 Seasons, 57 Episodes
September 25, 1987
Science Fiction, Drama
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Beauty and the Beast Full Episode Guide

  • The son of a past cave-in victim wants revenge on Father. He tries to bury him alive.

  • Father recieves a letter from an old flame and goes above to see her. The woman's name was Jessica. Father even considers staying above permanently. Helpers are being killed by strangers.

  • Rolley is shot while trying to rob a liquor store. He then returns below. Vincent destroys Gabriel's drug house. Vincent entrusts Snow's ring to Diana.

  • Diana flees from Gabriel's goons. Vincent surrenders himself to Gabriel and is locked in a cage. To torment Vincent Gabriel begins to show him footage of when he was trying to find Catherine. When he thinks that Vincent has been tortured enough he changes it to films of Vincent's son. This is the first time that Vincent has ever seen his son.

  • Elliot Birch betrays Vincent ... and dies?

  • A stress-aggravated illness triggers Vincent's collapse. Vincent goes far back through the catacombs of the tunnels to hide in a cave. While in there he continually growls and thrashes about as if he's gone mad. Catherine goes after him because she says that she can't stand to see him like that. After all he is the love of her life.

  • Paracelsus' lie about Vincent's birth brings Vincent to the verge of madness.

  • An insistent reporter sets off Vincent's confrontation with himself.

  • Rich kids kill young prostitutes for fun.

  • Elliot Birch is pursued by a death squad. Catherine puts her own life on the line to help him.

  • Catherine prosecutes a case of fatal child abuse. The wife won't testify against her husband.

  • Catherine is harrassed by a peeping tom. The worst part is that this man has seen Vincent!

  • Catherine meets a strange man who says that he is an artist. His name is Kristopher Gentian. But when strange things begin to happen it leads both Vincent and Catherine to wonder if the man is really an artist or a ghost.

  • Ballerina, Lisa's return to the tunnels opens up old wounds for Vincent.

  • A murderous ""family"" takes up residence in the tunnels.

  • Catherine must turn in Kanin. He is a tunnel dweller who is wanted for a past DWI vehicular homecide.

  • Devin, rescues a man who has elephant man's syndrome from a cruel circus man. The owner leaves the poor man locked in a cage like an animal. Devin, then brings him below where he knows that he will be safe.

  • Brian, an unhappy young Dungeons and Dragons player, discovers the tunnels.

  • Laura, a deaf ex-tunnel dweller, falls in with a deaf street gang.

  • Winterfest is a celebration of great importance to those who live below. This is Catherine's first Winterfest. But this year Winterfest is interrupted by Paracelsus.

  • Dimitri, a Russian sailor unknowingly brings the plague below.

  • Unable to visit Connecticut with Catherine, Vincent has visions of what life would have been like without him.

  • While walking above one night Vincent spots an ex-tunnel dweller, named Rolly. Catherine and Vincent try to help him. Rolly is also a piano prodigy or at least he used to be. Now he's a junkie. Catherine and Vincent attend a concert in the park from below. In the middle of the concert a rainstorm begins. Vincent tries to cover Catherine with his cape but she pushes it off and allow herself to get soaked. Vincent watches in amusement. After Catherine is soaking wet she crawls back over to Vincent and collapses laughingly into his lap.

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