Murph: The Protector

Murph: The Protector is a documentary about Michael P. Murphy, a Navy SEAL. Many of Murphy's values are presented in this film including friendship, family, community, and most importantly his inconceivable courage. As the audience follows Murphy's story, they begin with life before the SEALS and up to his joining the military. It is clear that he was very passionate and committed to his job. Four Navy SEALS are sent to Afghanistan in order to capture or kill a leader directly connected with the Taliban. Hours of crucial fighting after being ambushed, ends with a lone survivor. Although Murphy paid the ultimate price, he was a very decorative soldier and a legacy. He was the first Navy SEAL to receive the highest military decoration, the Medal of Honor. He also obtained the Purple Heart and the Silver Star. Touching hearts everywhere, this movie has multiple heart-wrenching scenes. In one it shows Murphy's struggle from a staph infection, and how he barely overcame the situation without losing his legs. His scenes where he receives his medals is also tear jerking. Toward the end of the movie, it portrays the parents grieving the loss of their incredible child and the toll it takes on them. Six days after being notified their son was missing, they are informed that he is in fact deceased. In their eyes, their son died a hero, and many other soldiers and civilians would agree. Among all the reasons this movie was made, one of the ultimate opportunities this movie presents is showing tribute to Murphy and every other true hero that has put their life on the line for our freedom. Witnessing the journey these men go through is the closest way we will will ever truly understand it.

| 2013 | 1 hr 25 min | 6.7/10
Scott Mactavish
Murph: The Protector

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