Mute Witness

"She Can't Speak. She Can't Scream. She Can't Beg For Mercy."
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Mute Witness is a low budget thriller and horror movie crossover that blurs the lines between movie trickery and real action. The U.S./U.K./Russian/German co-production was written, directed and produced by Anthony Waller and stars Russian stage and screen actress Murina Zudina. Mute Witness became famous at the time of release for the inclusion of a mustery guest star who is revealed in the film to be the British star of the Star Wars films, Alec Guinness in a sequence filmed years in advance of the the rest of the film being shot.

The film tells the story of a special effects artist, Billy who is incapable of speaking and communicates through sign language and a language of tapping created with her sister. Billy is working on a low budget thriller being made by her sisters boyfriend, Andy; returning to the film set late one night Billy is accidentally locked in the studio. Searching for a way out of the studio Billy discovers an adult film is being made on the set of her movie; watching from a safe distance Billy is shocked to see the movie turn violent ending in the death of the female in the scene. Shocked at what she sees Billy is heard attempting to escape the set and chased by the film crew.

After escaping Billy tells her sister and the police about her experience; the police interview the film crew who explain the death was faked as part of the movie they are making. The head of the snuff film ring, The Reaper then orders the death of Billy as she knows too much about their activities; Billy is forced to fight the director of the snuff movie to survive the night. A cult success throughout Europe and the U.S., Mute Witness was released by Sony Pictures Classics and a remake starring an American cast has been rumored since 2011.

| 1994 | 1 hr 35 min | 6.7/10
Marina Zudina, Fay Ripley, Evan Richards, Oleg Yankovskiy
Anthony Waller
Mute Witness
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