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  • 2007
  • 1 hr 47 min
  • 7.0  (193)

My Father is a Korean movie that revolves around the story of an American adoptee who returns to South Korea in search of his biological family. The film stars Daniel Henney as the lead character James Parker, Martin Lord Cayce as his father, and Sarah Chang as his translator. The movie begins with James, a successful businessman in the United States, receiving a letter from his biological mother in South Korea. The letter informs him that his father is in a hospital and wishes to see him before his time runs out. As James embarks on the journey to South Korea, he begins to reflect on his life as an adoptee and the questions that have always plagued him about his birth family.

Once in South Korea, James is greeted by his translator, Joy (Sarah Chang), who accompanies him on his journey to find his father. However, James is met with numerous obstacles and challenges as he navigates the unfamiliar terrain and cultural differences in his search for his father.

Throughout the movie, James encounters people who provide him with subtle hints and clues about his family history. He also visits various hospitals and adoption agencies in his quest for information. Along the way, he learns about the hardships that his father has faced in his life, including poverty and illness.

As James delves deeper into his past, he begins to unravel a complex web of secrets and truths that have been hidden from him for so long. The movie shows the emotional rollercoaster that James experiences as he confronts his past and comes to terms with the truth about his identity.

The cinematography of the movie is beautiful, capturing the essence of South Korea's streets and landscapes. The storytelling is crisp and keeps the viewers engaged throughout the movie. The chemistry between the characters is palpable, particularly between James and Joy.

Daniel Henney delivers a phenomenal performance as James. He portrays the complex emotions and conflicts that James faces in his search for identity with nuance and subtlety. Martin Lord Cayce's portrayal of James' father is also excellent, depicting the struggles and hardships that come with being a parent.

Overall, My Father is an emotionally charged movie that delves into the complexity of adoption and family ties. It depicts with great sensitivity and empathy the struggles that adoptees face in their search for identity and connection. The movie delivers a powerful message about the importance of family ties and the emotional need for belonging. It is a movie that will leave a lasting impression on the viewers, urging them to reflect on their relationships and connections with their loved ones.

My Father
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    7.0  (193)