My Life As a Dead Girl

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"A runaway returns to restart her life, but she's hiding something"
  • TV-14
  • 2015
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 5.9  (573)

My Life As a Dead Girl is a 2015 Lifetime movie directed by Penelope Buitenhuis and written by Christine Conradt. Cassandra Scerbo plays the lead role of Emily Parker, a high school student who gets involved in a mischievous game with her best friend, Lacy, played by Kirsten Zien. Emily and Lacy are the typical teenage girls who are exploring their teenage freedom, often getting into trouble with their parents. One day, Lacy proposes a game where they will kidnap a random person and take them to a deserted location, then leave them there for a short time, and then return to pick them up. Emily is reluctant at first, but she finally agrees to play along.

The game goes as planned the first time, but when they kidnap a young woman named Jess, played by Keegan Connor Tracy, things go awry. Jess is a successful businesswoman with a troubled past, which Emily and Lacy do not know about until it's too late. After leaving Jess stranded, Emily and Lacy set out to retrieve her, but they end up in a car accident, leaving Jess dead.

Emily and Lacy decide to cover up their tracks and make Jess disappear. However, Emily's conscience gets the better of her, and she starts to have nightmares about Jess. She tries to convince Lacy to come clean, but Lacy has other plans.

The plot of My Life As a Dead Girl takes a suspenseful twist when Emily is suddenly hit by a car and ends up in a coma. As Emily lies in a hospital bed, she also lies in a purgatory-like state, questioning her actions and fighting to stay alive.

Throughout the movie, Emily becomes more aware of Jess's past and begins to uncover secrets about her family and business dealings. Emily's father is a detective and is investigating Jess's disappearance, making things more complicated for Emily and Lacy.

The portrayal of the characters in My Life As a Dead Girl is impressive, with Cassandra Scerbo carrying the weight of the movie on her shoulders. She delivers a convincing performance as Emily, taking the audience on an emotional journey and portraying her character's internal conflict and mental anguish.

Keegan Connor Tracy's character, Jess, is also noteworthy, as she embodies the persona of a strong, independent woman who has been through significant life events. As Jess, she evokes a sense of empathy from the audience, despite her initially seeming like a red herring.

The twist in the plot is well-executed, and the movie maintains a steady pace, keeping the audience engaged throughout the entire story. The ending is satisfying, closing up all the loose ends and providing a sense of closure to the characters' arcs.

Overall, My Life As a Dead Girl is a thrilling and suspenseful movie, with a unique narrative structure that sets it apart from other Lifetime movies. The movie delivers on its premise, creating a tense and emotional story about the consequences of teenage mischief gone terribly wrong.

My Life As a Dead Girl
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