Night Train

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The story of Night Train follows the story of a man who is an ex-prisoner who is about to begin a brand new life as a free man. While this man is trying to find his way back into society, he has quite a strong fascination with both the Orient Express and electric trains. One day, he meets an old woman who is very possessive that strangely allows him to stay with her in her home until he gets on his feet.

Things take a strange turn when he meets and falls in love with this woman's daughter. He begins to find out if he is controlling his life, or if something in his life is controlling him.

Not Rated
| 1998 | 1 hr 32 min | 6.3/10
Pernell Roberts, Eddie Castrodad, Milla Jovovich, Kavi Raz
John Lynch
Produced By
Tristan Lynch
Night Train
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