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"One Man..Two Women..Trapped..By Their Own Immorality!"
  • 1962
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 6.7  (163)

No Exit is a psychological thriller film released in 1962, directed by Tad Danielewski and based on the play of the same name by Jean-Paul Sartre. The story revolves around four people who find themselves in a strange room, locked from the outside, with no way to escape. The main character of the movie is Inez (played by Viveca Lindfors), a manipulative and seductive woman who is introduced as a lesbian postal clerk. She is joined by Estelle (Rita Gam), a flirtatious socialite, and Garcin (Morgan Sterne), a cowardly journalist who is unable to make a decision. The trio soon discovers that they are in a room that seems to have no exit and that they are trapped together for eternity.

The movie is about the psychological torment that each character experiences as they confront the sins of their past. As the story progresses, it becomes clear that the three characters are in Hell, and that this room has been created to torment them for their sins. The arrival of each character in the room is explained through flashbacks that reveal how they ended up in Hell.

The movie is one of the best adaptations of Sartre's play, and it manages to capture the philosophical themes that the play is known for. The themes of existentialism and the meaning of life are explored through the characters' conversations, and the moral ambiguity of each character is questioned.

The film is shot in black and white, and the use of shadows and light is impressive. The claustrophobic feeling of being locked in a room is palpable throughout the film, and the camera work effectively captures the tension between the characters.

No Exit is a movie that is not easy to watch, but it is thought-provoking and raises questions about the human condition. The performances by the three main actors are exceptional, and their chemistry on screen makes the movie all the more intense. Lindfors, Gam, and Sterne manage to capture the complexities of their characters, and their performances make the audience feel like they are experiencing the torment of being trapped in the room with them.

In conclusion, No Exit is a must-watch movie for fans of psychological thrillers and philosophical films. Although it may be challenging to watch, the movie asks important questions about life and morality, and it is a reflection on the human condition. The movie is a remarkable adaptation of the classic play by Sartre, and it manages to capture the mood and themes of the original work. The performances by the three main actors are commendable, and the movie is a testament to their acting abilities.

No Exit
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    1 hr 25 min
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    6.7  (163)