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"Take a stand."
  • R
  • 2021
  • 4.7  (15,098)

"Occupation: Rainfall" is a sci-fi action movie that takes place two years after the events of the original 2018 film "Occupation". In this sequel, we follow a group of survivors who've managed to fend off the alien threat that previously took over their small Australian town. However, their victory is short-lived when the extraterrestrial invaders return with a vengeance.

The movie begins with a set of scientists working on a new weapon that will help humans fight against the impending threat. They believe that this weapon could be the key to finally defeating the aliens and saving the planet. Unfortunately, their hopes are dashed when the aliens launch a surprise attack on the facility, killing everyone in its path and destroying the weapon in the process.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to our main characters Matt Simmons (Dan Ewing), Amelia Chambers (Jet Tranter), Peter Bartlett (Mark Coles Smith), and Jackson (Temuera Morrison). These resolute fighters have spent the last two years fighting against the alien menace, gathering as many survivors as possible in their safe haven dubbed "the Cave."

Shortly after the attack on the facility, the group is contacted by a mysterious woman named Katrina (Katrina Risteska), who claims to have knowledge about the aliens' vulnerabilities. She reveals to them that the aliens possess a central command that controls all of their forces, and that taking it down could be the key to ending the invasion once and for all.

Our heroes, desperate for any chance to save humanity, set out on a dangerous mission to infiltrate the aliens' stronghold and destroy the command center. Along the way, they face countless obstacles and challenges, as the aliens have upgraded their weapons and tactics since their last encounter.

One of the most intriguing parts of Occupation: Rainfall is the portrayal of the aliens themselves. They are no longer mindless beings hell-bent on destruction, but instead have a complex hierarchy and advanced technology at their disposal. They are no longer simply enemies to be defeated, but instead serve as a reminder of the challenges humanity faces when encountering a formidable foe.

The movie is filled with breathtaking action sequences, such as a thrilling car chase through the ravaged streets of Sydney, and the explosive finale where our heroes face off against the aliens' towering war machines.

The performances from the cast are fantastic, with Dan Ewing delivering a standout performance as the brooding and determined Matt Simmons. Temuera Morrison brings his gravitas to the role of Jackson, a wise and experienced fighter who becomes a mentor to the younger members of the group. Daniel Gillies also provides a solid supporting role as the snarky and lovable Det. Sergeant Mark Dalton.

Overall, Occupation: Rainfall is an exciting and thrilling ride that sci-fi and action enthusiasts will surely appreciate. It takes the story of the first film and expands it, delving deeper into the alien menace and the struggles of the survivors trying to take back their world. The movie may have some familiar tropes, but it is still a gripping and engaging watch from start to finish.

Occupation: Rainfall is a 2021 science fiction movie. It has received mostly poor reviews from critics and viewers, who have given it an IMDb score of 4.7.

Occupation: Rainfall
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