Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld

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  • 2008
  • 1 hr 28 min
  • 4.3  (825)

Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld is a 2008 fantasy adventure film that brings to life the legendary character of Odysseus, the Greek hero, who embarks on a perilous journey to the underworld in search of his beloved wife Penelope. The film opens with Odysseus returning home after the famous Trojan War, hoping to reunite with his wife and son. However, his journey back to Ithaca is full of obstacles and challenges, including an encounter with the treacherous sorceress Circe, who puts a spell on his men and turns them into pigs.

Determined to rescue his crew, Odysseus faces Circe and defeats her with the help of Hermes, the messenger of the gods. But his troubles are far from over, as he must confront the vengeful god Poseidon, who unleashes a powerful storm that wrecks his ship and sends him to the dark realm of the dead.

Undaunted, Odysseus enters the underworld, guided by the ghost of his former comrade Elpenor, who warns him about the dangers that lie ahead. The hero faces many trials and tribulations, including a meeting with the witch-like sorceress Tiresias, who reveals to him the secrets of the future.

Odysseus also meets the shades of his departed loved ones, including his mother Anticlea and the warrior Ajax, who died in the Trojan War. However, his main goal is to find his wife Penelope, who died while waiting for him and whose soul is trapped in the underworld.

With the help of his wits and his trusty sword, Odysseus battles his way through hordes of monsters and demons, facing off against the three-headed dog Cerberus, the serpent-haired gorgon Medusa, and the winged harpies. He also deals with the temptations of the seductive Sirens, who try to lure him with their enchanting songs.

Finally, Odysseus reaches the throne of Hades, the god of the underworld, where he faces the ultimate challenge. He must persuade Hades to release his wife's soul and let her return to the land of the living. In a dramatic showdown, Odysseus proves his worth as a hero and succeeds in his quest, only to face new challenges and dangers on his journey back home.

The film is full of epic battles, stunning visuals, and memorable characters, brought to life by a talented cast. Arnold Vosloo delivers a commanding performance as Odysseus, capturing the character's bravery, cunning, and determination. Steve Bacic and JR Bourne shine as his loyal companions, while Stefanie von Pfetten plays a captivating Circe.

The movie pays homage to the ancient Greek mythological tradition while adding its own twists and interpretations. It explores themes of loyalty, love, and sacrifice, as well as the power of the human spirit to overcome adversity.

Overall, Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld is a thrilling and entertaining adventure that will appeal to fans of fantasy, mythology, and action films. It's a story of a hero's journey to the depths of the underworld in search of his lost love, and ultimately, his own redemption.

Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld
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    4.3  (825)