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  • 1937
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On the Avenue is a 1937 musical movie that follows the story of Jack Haley, a theatre producer who is struggling to find a star to appear in his new show. Meanwhile, Mimi Caraway, a wealthy heiress, is on the lookout for a job, a taste of the real world, and a chance to prove herself to her father. When Jack and Mimi meet, they decide to work together, and sparks fly between them.

Mimi gets her dream job as Jack's assistant, and together they start working on the show. Jack auditions many performers, but none of them are quite what he is looking for until he meets Gary Blake, played by Dick Powell, a charming and talented singer who has fallen on hard times. Gary is initially hesitant to take the job, but eventually agrees to perform in On the Avenue, where he becomes a huge success.

As work on the show continues, romantic tensions between Mimi and Jack start to build as their professional relationship deepens into something more. Both are drawn to each other, but each has a fear of being hurt that they must overcome. To complicate matters further, Alice Faye's character, Mona Merrick, a famous actress who has feelings for Jack, enters the picture, further complicating their love triangle.

On the Avenue is a quintessential 1930s musical with big song and dance numbers, colorful costumes, and sweeping romance. The performances are energetic and enjoyable, especially those by Powell, Faye, and Caroll. Powell, in particular, is charming and charismatic as the lead, seamlessly moving between singing and acting with ease and grace. Faye delivers a standout performance, as her melodious voice and sultry looks make for a memorable character. Caroll plays Mimi with a combination of vulnerability and determination, bringing a sense of realism to the movie's romantic plot.

The film includes several memorable musical numbers, including "He Ain't Got Rhythm," featuring Powell and Faye, which is an infectiously entertaining song and dance routine, "Slumming on Park Avenue," featuring Carrol singing and dancing with Haley, and "This Year's Kisses," sung by Faye.

On the Avenue is also notable for its witty dialogue and clever comedy moments. The film is directed by Roy Del Ruth, who keeps the movie's pacing brisk and keeps the audience engaged throughout the film's 89 minutes runtime. Del Ruth's skillful direction, combined with the film's great performances and musical numbers, make On the Avenue a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining classic Hollywood musical.

In conclusion, On the Avenue is a rollicking musical full of great performances, charming romance, and memorable musical numbers. It is a joyous celebration of the golden age of Hollywood cinema and a must-see for anyone who loves classic musicals or old Hollywood films. This film was one of the best musicals of its time, and it still holds up today as an enjoyable and romantic classic that will leave audiences humming its tunes long after the credits roll.

On the Avenue
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