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"The Big Parade of Radio Set to Laughs and Music by Warner Bros."
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  • 1934
  • 1 hr 29 min
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Twenty Million Sweethearts is a delightful 1934 musical starring Dick Powell, Pat O'Brien, and Ginger Rogers. The film centers around Ross Alexander's character, Ross Alexander, a charming, young, and eager radio announcer hoping to make it big in the industry. When he meets Ginger Rogers, who plays Penny Green, a talented singer with a beautiful voice and aspirations of her own, Ross immediately falls in love with her.

Ross's best friend, Pat O'Brien's character, Lawrence, works at the same station as Ross and recognizes Penny's talent. He insists on promoting her career through the radio station, hoping to make her a star. However, as Penny's fame grows, Ross's jealousy and insecurity arise, causing a rift between himself and Penny.

Throughout the film, musical numbers abound, with Penny and Ross performing snappy, upbeat songs as their chemistry on and off the stage heats up. Soon, they're the talk of the town, with Ross becoming the most popular radio announcer in the city and Penny becoming the hottest singer in town.

As Ross and Penny's romance blossoms, Ross is forced to confront the obstacles that fame and jealousy create in relationships. Will they be able to overcome these challenges, or will their dreams and careers pull them apart? The film's final scenes answer those questions and bring a satisfying conclusion to the story.

Twenty Million Sweethearts may be almost 90 years old, but its charm and wit still delight modern audiences. Dick Powell is an absolute joy to watch, bringing Ross's earnest ambition and passion to life with aplomb. Ginger Rogers, for her part, shines in every performance, both when she is performing and when she is playing Penny's vulnerable and complex side.

The film's musical numbers are the real standout, featuring iconic tunes like "I'm in the Mood for Love" and "The Words Are in My Heart." These songs are snappy, full of energy, and performed with entrancing ability by Powell and Rogers. Fans of the Golden Age of Hollywood will love the era's exquisite fashion and dance styles, transporting them to a bygone era filled with glamour and excitement.

Twenty Million Sweethearts is a lovely romantic comedy that captures a moment in time and brings it to life in a way that still resonates today. It reminds us of the power of music and the challenges faced by those striving for success in a competitive industry. But above all, the film is a celebration of love, friendship, and following one's dreams. It deserves its place as a classic of Hollywood's Golden Age and is sure to win over new audiences with its charm and wit.

Twenty Million Sweethearts
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