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"One of us is gonna' get lucky."
  • 2011
  • 3.8  (255)

One in the Gun is a 2010 action-thriller movie directed by Rolfe Kanefsky. The movie follows a struggling photographer named Dani (Katherine Randolph) who finds herself caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse after witnessing a murder committed by a ruthless drug lord named Virgil (Steven Bauer). Dani's life takes a dangerous turn when she captures a photo of a violent murder committed by Virgil's henchman. She unwittingly becomes the only witness to the crime and is therefore in grave danger. When Virgil's men realize that Dani has seen them in action, they immediately set out to track her down and silence her permanently.

One in the Gun is a story of survival where the lead character Dani is forced to escape the murderous clutches of Virgil and his men. Dani goes on the run and finds herself seeking help from her estranged sister (Faye Dunaway) and a security guard (Steven Man) who becomes her unexpected ally.

As Dani continues to evade Virgil's gang, she discovers that the dangerous drug dealer is behind a series of nefarious activities in the city, including running a human trafficking ring. Dani realizes that Virgil's criminal empire is more significant than anyone knew and that she must take him down before more innocent people are victimized.

The story of One in the Gun is captivating, and the script is well-written. It is fast-paced, with a lot of action and suspense to keep the audience engaged. The movie has a gritty, realistic feel, and the violence is intense, but it never feels gratuitous.

The acting is excellent, with Steven Man leading from the front as the security guard who risks his own life to keep Dani safe. Katherine Randolph is brilliant as Dani, perfectly portraying the fear and panic of someone who is caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Steven Bauer's portrayal of the ruthless drug lord Virgil is both menacing and believable. He is a sadistic villain who will stop at nothing to achieve his nefarious goals.

The movie's setting is also noteworthy. It unfolds in the urban landscape of Los Angeles, and the movie captures the gritty, mean streets of the city beautifully. The director does an excellent job of using the location to add to the overall atmosphere of the film.

One in the Gun is a movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It is a film that combines action, suspense, and drama in the perfect blend. The movie is not just about an innocent woman on the run from a drug lord, but it also explores themes of family, sacrifice, and redemption.

Overall, if you like action thrillers with an edge, One in the Gun is a movie that you should not miss. The movie has got everything, great acting, a well-written plot, and an intense atmosphere that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

One in the Gun
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