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  • NR
  • 1980
  • 1 hr 40 min

Parabesh is a 1980 Bengali movie that centers around the life of a young man named Raju. Starring Samit Bhanja, Santu Mukherjee, Mahua Roy Chowdhury, and Bikash Roy, the movie is a beautiful portrayal of human emotions and relationships. Raju, the protagonist of the movie, is shown as a happy-go-lucky young man who lives with his parents and younger sister. However, his life takes a turn for the worse when his father passes away, leaving the family in debt. With no source of income, Raju is forced to drop out of school and find work to support his family.

Raju's struggles in finding a job are portrayed with great sensitivity and realism. He is repeatedly rejected by employers due to his lack of qualifications and experience. Frustrated and without any other option, Raju ends up taking a job as a laborer in a factory where he is subjected to harsh treatment by his supervisor.

Despite the hardships he faces, Raju remains determined to provide for his family. His resilience and perseverance are truly inspiring and make him a lovable character. Samit Bhanja delivers a brilliant performance as Raju, capturing the character's emotions with skill and nuance.

The movie also explores the theme of love and betrayal through Raju's relationship with his childhood sweetheart, Rupa. Mahua Roy Chowdhury plays Rupa, a vibrant and confident young woman who stands by Raju in his times of need. However, as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that Rupa has her own secrets, and her loyalty is tested when she receives a tempting offer from a wealthy businessman.

Santu Mukherjee and Bikash Roy also deliver strong performances as Raju's friends who provide him with support and guidance as he navigates through life's challenges. Their interactions are both heartwarming and realistic, providing a glimpse into the bonds of male friendship.

The movie's music is also noteworthy, with memorable songs composed by legendary Bengali music director Hemanta Mukherjee. The songs are seamlessly integrated into the narrative and add an extra layer of emotional depth to the story.

One of the movie's strengths is its ability to capture the essence of working-class life in Bengal during the late 1970s and early 1980s. The movie reflects the struggles of ordinary people trying to make ends meet in a rapidly changing society. It portrays their hopes, fears, and aspirations with honesty and empathy.

Parabesh is a timeless classic that deserves to be watched by audiences of all ages. Its universal themes of love, loss, and resilience make it relatable to people from different backgrounds and cultures. Its realistic portrayal of working-class life gives it a wide appeal, and its brilliant performances and music make it a must-watch for any fan of Bengali cinema.

Parabesh is a 1980 drama with a runtime of 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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