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"Call them smooth, call them slick, just don't call them when you're sick!"
  • PG-13
  • 1988
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 4.2  (346)

Paramedics is a 1988 movie starring George Newbern, Christopher McDonald, and John P. Ryan. The movie is directed by Stuart Margolin and written by Christopher Ames. It's an action-packed thriller that follows two paramedics, Jim and Gerry, as they navigate the dangerous streets of Los Angeles. At the beginning of the movie, we are introduced to Jim, played by George Newbern. Jim is a handsome and affable paramedic who takes his job seriously. He's a veteran of the streets, having been on the job for several years. His partner, Gerry, played by Christopher McDonald, is a bit more grizzled. He's a tough guy who doesn't suffer fools gladly. Together, they make an unlikely but effective team.

The movie starts with Jim and Gerry responding to a call in a bad neighborhood. They quickly realize that the situation is more complicated than they initially thought. There's a woman in labor, and the father is nowhere to be found. They rush the woman to the hospital, but along the way, they're forced to make a detour to a convenience store to avoid a gang of drug dealers.

As the movie progresses, Jim and Gerry respond to more calls, each one more dangerous than the last. They respond to an overdose in a crack house, a shootout at a bank, and even a hostage situation at a movie theater. Along the way, they run into all sorts of colorful characters, including an obnoxious cop, a sleazy lawyer, and a psychotic drug dealer.

The action in the movie is fast-paced and intense. There are car chases, shootouts, and explosions. The movie has a gritty, realistic feel to it, and the violence is portrayed in a very visceral way. The stakes are high, and it's easy to get caught up in the action.

One of the things that sets Paramedics apart from other action movies is its sense of humor. The banter between Jim and Gerry is lighthearted and funny, and it helps to break up the tension. There are also some genuinely hilarious moments, like when Jim has to deliver a baby in the back of a taxi cab.

Another standout aspect of the movie is the performances. George Newbern and Christopher McDonald have great chemistry together, and they both give nuanced performances. John P. Ryan, who plays the villain of the movie, is also excellent. He's a menacing presence on screen, and his scenes are some of the most intense in the movie.

Overall, Paramedics is a solid action movie that's well worth watching. It's got great performances, intense action scenes, and a strong sense of humor. While it may not be a classic of the genre, it's a fun ride that's sure to entertain.

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    4.2  (346)