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  • 1972
  • 6.1  (31)

Pattikada Pattanama is a classic Tamil film from 1972, directed by J. Mahendran and starring legendary actors Shivaji Ganesan and Jayalalitha. The movie tells the story of a married couple, Velu and Balamani, who are struggling with their relationship due to financial difficulties. Velu, played by Shivaji Ganesan, is a hardworking laborer who has been recently laid off. He is desperately trying to find a job so that he can provide for his family but is constantly facing rejection due to his lack of education. Meanwhile, his wife Balamani, played by Jayalalitha, is a homemaker who is constantly worried about their financial situation and is constantly nagging Velu to find a job.

Their relationship is strained due to the stress of their financial situation, but they still love each other. When Velu finally finds a job in a factory, things start to look up for the couple. However, the factory owner's daughter, played by S.N. Lakshmi, has eyes for Velu and begins to pursue him relentlessly, causing more problems for the already troubled couple.

As the story unfolds, the couple faces more challenges that threaten to tear them apart. Velu's friend, who is also unemployed, becomes involved with a gang of criminals and tries to drag Velu into their shady dealings. Balamani is torn between her love for her husband and her desire to provide a better life for their children.

The film is a poignant and realistic portrayal of the struggles of the working-class in India. The performances of the lead actors, Shivaji Ganesan and Jayalalitha, are outstanding and truly capture the emotions and complexities of their characters. The film also features a strong supporting cast, including S.N. Lakshmi, who brings depth to her character as the manipulative factory owner's daughter.

In addition to its well-crafted storyline and excellent performances, the film is also notable for its stunning cinematography and beautiful music. The songs, composed by M.S. Viswanathan and penned by Kannadasan, are memorable and add to the overall impact of the film.

Overall, Pattikada Pattanama is a classic Tamil film that still resonates with viewers today. Its themes of love, family, and the struggles of the working-class are universal and timeless. The film is a testament to the talents of its cast and crew, and a must-watch for fans of Tamil cinema.

Pattikada Pattanama
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