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  • 1997
  • 59 min

Paul Simon's "Graceland" is undoubtedly one of the most significant records of our time, which revolutionized music in the 1980s. To commemorate its thirtieth anniversary, this classic album has now been released as a documentary movie where viewers can watch the celebrated musician reveal the creative process of this legendary work of art.

Paul Simon - Graceland (Classic Album) is a fascinating journey into the life, music, and culture surrounding the making of this masterpiece. Directed by Jeremy Marre, it delves into what inspired Simon's idea of creating an album that would bring together the sounds of Africa and America.

The documentary begins by providing a brief history of Simon's career from his humble beginnings as a teenager in Queens, New York, to the moment he became an influential solo artist after the break-up of Simon and Garfunkel. The film goes on to explore how the concept of "Graceland" was born in South Africa and how Simon's trip to the country led to a collaboration with several musicians he had met.

The movie features interviews with Simon, who narrates the story of "Graceland" from its initial conception to its release, as well as other key players in the album's creation, such as guitarist Ray Phiri, who contributed to the album's unique sound and was instrumental in the cultural exchange that underpinned it.

Alongside the interviews, the movie displays footage of Simon and his collaborators during the recording sessions, as well as Arthur Baker, the album's producer, who is seen manipulating sound loops in the pre-digital age. The documentary highlights Baker's role in blending the disparate sounds of South Africa, Louisiana, and New York to create a unique sound for the record, which brought global attention to the cultures of southern Africa.

The real triumph of Paul Simon - Graceland (Classic Album) is its ability to uncover the complexities involved in creating the album. We get to witness the sheer inspiration behind each track, including the catchy "You Can Call Me Al," the ode to apartheid, "Homeless," and the unforgettable "Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes."

The movie emphasizes how the album received criticism for breaking the cultural embargo and being a product of apartheid, but it also recognizes its cultural significance as a breakthrough for music in the '80s. The film highlights how the album stood as a testament to the power of music to bring people together across political and cultural divides.

Paul Simon - Graceland (Classic Album) is an enthralling journey into the creation of a musical masterpiece that transcends genre and cultural barriers. It showcases the magic and wonder of the iconic album that still stands the test of time thirty years later, proving that great music remains relevant regardless of the era it's produced.

In conclusion, Paul Simon - Graceland (Classic Album) is a must-watch for fans of Paul Simon and lovers of great music. It offers a compelling behind-the-scenes look at how one of the most renowned albums of all time came to be, and the cultural and social impact it made upon its release. From its exploration of African sounds to its creative collaborations, the movie immerses viewers into the creative genius that made "Graceland" a classic album.

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