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  • 1970
  • 6.0  (43)

Pehchan is a 1970 Bollywood movie that stars Manoj Kumar, Babita Kapoor, and Balraj Sahni. The movie deals with the issue of identity and the struggle that people face when they are unable to prove who they are. The film was directed by Sohanlal Kanwar and produced by Rajendra Bhatia. The music for the movie was composed by Shankar-Jaikishan, and the lyrics were penned by Hasrat Jaipuri.

The movie revolves around the life of Ram (Manoj Kumar), an orphan who is brought up by a couple, Laxman (Balraj Sahni) and his wife (Lalita Pawar). Ram grows up to be a responsible and hardworking person, but his life takes a turn when he is wrongfully accused of stealing.

Despite being innocent, Ram is sentenced to five years in prison. His life changes forever as he is separated from the only family he has known. It is during this time that he meets Sudha (Babita Kapoor), who helps him believe in himself and the goodness of humanity.

After his release from prison, Ram tries to start a new life but faces several obstacles as people refuse to give him a chance because of his criminal record. He is unable to find work, and his old employers refuse to take him back. Sudha's brother, Ramesh, offers him a job, but Ram's past comes back to haunt him once again.

The story takes an interesting turn when Ram's former employer, Mr. Sinha (Jagdish Raj), visits him and apologizes for falsely accusing him. He offers him a job, but Ram is hesitant to accept it, as he feels that he has lost his identity and no longer knows who he is.

With the help of Sudha and Laxman, Ram begins his journey of self-discovery. He tries to find out about his past and locate his real family. Along the way, he faces several challenges, but he never loses hope. The movie follows Ram's journey as he tries to regain his identity and prove to the world that he is a good person.

The performances in the movie are memorable, especially Manoj Kumar's portrayal of Ram, the protagonist. His performance captures the essence of the character and makes the audience sympathize with him. Balraj Sahni delivers a strong performance as Laxman, whom Ram sees as his adoptive father. Babita Kapoor's portrayal of Sudha is noteworthy, as she adds a touch of freshness and romance to the story.

The music in the movie is also quite good, with popular songs such as "Na Muhabbat Na Dosti" and "Bade Bewafa Hain" becoming instant hits. The background score sets the mood for the movie, and the cinematography captures the beauty of the locations.

Overall, Pehchan is a heartwarming movie that deals with the theme of identity and redemption. It is a timeless classic that is still relevant in today's world. It teaches us that no matter how difficult life may seem, we should never lose hope and always strive to be the best version of ourselves.

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