Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder

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  • 1989
  • 1 hr 37 min
  • 6.9  (461)

Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder is a 1989 American made-for-television mystery film, directed by Christian I. Nyby II, and starring Raymond Burr, Barbara Hale, and Alexandra Paul. The movie is the 25th entry in the Perry Mason series, which began with the famous lawyer in 1957. The film begins when Laura Robertson (Alexandra Paul), a talented young musician, inherits a piano from her late uncle. However, she soon finds herself in trouble when she discovers a hidden compartment in the piano containing a valuable diamond necklace. After the necklace is stolen, Laura is accused of its theft, and she seeks the help of Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) to clear her name.

As the case progresses, Perry finds himself dealing with the complex web of relationships between the victim and suspects. The victim is a wealthy businessman who organized a concert to showcase his lover's (Kathy Ireland) music career. He is found dead backstage, and a crucial piece of evidence, a bloodstained handkerchief with Laura's fingerprints, is found at the scene.

Perry and his trusted secretary, Della Street (Barbara Hale), start their investigation, which leads them to the dead man's business associate (Scott Baio) and his rival (Roddy McDowall). Both had motives for the murder, and each had access to the backstage area.

Perry's longtime adversary, district attorney Hamilton Burger (William R. Moses), is also involved in the case. He wants to convict Laura and close the case as soon as possible, even if the evidence is circumstantial.

The plot thickens as Perry discovers a crucial contradiction in the evidence: the time of death of the victim is not consistent with the presumed events leading to his death. Perry uses his trademark style to slowly unravel the mystery and reveal what really happened. Along the way, he meets colorful characters, such as a piano tuner with a secret (Gordon Jump), and uses his wit and intelligence to crack the case.

The film features solid performances from the cast, especially Raymond Burr, who embodied Perry Mason for 27 years. Barbara Hale also shines as Perry's loyal secretary, providing comic relief and support for her boss. Alexandra Paul is convincing as the damsel in distress caught up in a murder case, and Kathy Ireland delivers a reasonably good performance as a femme fatale.

The movie's pacing is steady, and the resolution is satisfying, with all loose ends neatly tied up. The musical score by Dick DeBenedictis adds an additional dimension to the story, enhancing the mood of the scenes and creating a sense of suspense.

Overall, Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder is an enjoyable addition to the Perry Mason series, showcasing the character's enduring appeal and his talents as a detective and lawyer. It is a must-see for fans of the franchise and a good introduction to those who are new to it.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Musical Murder
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  • Release Date
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    1 hr 37 min
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  • IMDB Rating
    6.9  (461)
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