Poet: An Intimate Discussion with Wade Radford

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  • 2018
  • 2 hr

Poet: An Intimate Discussion with Wade Radford is a 2018 documentary film that features the renowned British poet, actor, and filmmaker Wade Radford. The movie is directed by Jason Impey, and also stars Honey Bane. The film delves into the life and work of Wade Radford, examining his creative process, his personal struggles, and the influence of his tough upbringing on his art. Through a series of intimate interviews and candid conversations, Wade talks about his childhood, his early experiences with poetry, and the challenges he has faced as a writer and performer.

The documentary explores the sources of inspiration behind Wade's work, as well as the recurring themes of love, loss, and identity that fuel his creativity. It also delves into the darker aspects of his life, including his struggles with addiction and mental health, and how these experiences have informed his art.

One of the most fascinating aspects of Poet: An Intimate Discussion with Wade Radford is its exploration of the relationship between poetry and performance. Wade discusses how his poetry is intended to be performed live, and how his background in theater and film has influenced his approach to writing. The movie also includes footage of Wade performing his work, and we get a sense of his powerful presence on stage.

Throughout the film, Honey Bane, a punk rock legend and long-time friend and collaborator of Wade's, provides insightful commentary and reflections on Wade's work. Her perspective adds an extra layer of depth to the documentary, as Honey shares her own experiences with music, poetry, and survival.

Beyond his creative work, the film also delves into Wade's personal life, including his relationships with loved ones and his journey towards self-acceptance. We get to see a more vulnerable side of Wade as he talks about his struggles with self-doubt and insecurity, and how these feelings have driven his art.

Overall, Poet: An Intimate Discussion with Wade Radford is a fascinating and engrossing portrait of a multi-talented artist. Whether you're a fan of poetry, theater, film, or all three, there's something to appreciate in this documentary, which offers both insights into Wade's work and a powerful testament to the transformative power of art.

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