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  • 2010
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Poetry is a 2010 South Korean drama film directed by Lee Chang-dong, which revolves around the life of an elderly woman, Mija, who discovers her knack for poetry. The movie stars Yun Jeong-hie as Mija, Lee Da-wit as Wook, and Kim Hee-ra as Kibum. The film opens with Mija, a diligent and hardworking woman in her 60s, who works as a caregiver for an elderly man. She is a widow and lives with her grandson, Wook, a quiet and sensitive high school student, who she fears is being bullied at school. Mija is diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and is told that it will progressively get worse. She is then forced to attend a poetry class at the local community center as part of her therapy.

As Mija starts attending the poetry class, she struggles to write her own poem. She spends hours observing the world around her and finds inspiration in nature and the small things in life. Her teacher encourages her to write what she sees, and she eventually writes a poem, El cant dels ocells, inspired by the birds she sees outside her window.

The movie, Poetry, is not just about writing poems, but it deals with some heavy and emotional topics, such as aging, regret, and morality. As the story progresses, Mija finds out that her grandson, Wook, was a part of a group of boys who sexually assaulted a young girl, who eventually commits suicide. Mija is both appalled and heartbroken by this news, and she tries to make amends by offering to pay the bereaved family a large sum of money in compensation. However, the grieving father refuses to accept the money and demands that Wook turn himself in to the police.

Mija faces a moral dilemma in this situation, as she fears that turning Wook in to the police will ruin his future. She struggles with the decision and ultimately decides to take the responsibility on herself, even if it means breaking the law. Mija's decision shows her love for her grandson, but it also shows her growth as a person.

The film's lead actress, Yun Jeong-hie, delivers a sensational performance as Mija, who is both naive and wise, and her portrayal of the character is captivating. She seamlessly portrays the different emotions that Mija goes through during the movie, displaying a rare talent for expressing grief, hope, and joy all at once.

The cinematography in Poetry is also praiseworthy, with the camera often lingering on the scenic beauty of the Korean countryside, which Mija finds inspiration in. The use of color in the movie is subtle but effective, with Mija often dressed in shades of white, symbolizing her purity and innocence.

In conclusion, Poetry is a beautiful and compelling movie that delves into the complex emotions that come with aging, and touches on themes such as regret, morality, and love. The movie delivers a poignant message about the importance of finding beauty in the world around us, even during difficult times, and it does so with sensitivity and grace. Ultimately, Poetry is a must-watch film, and a testament to Lee Chang-dong's brilliance as a director.

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