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"The final conflict"

Porky’s Revenge is the third film in the trilogy of films about the students at Angel Beach High School in the 1950s. The original gang of misfits is back for this installment, including Pee Wee Morris, Tommy Turner, Meat Tuperello, Billy McCarthy, Brian Schwartz and Wendy Williams. Earlier in the film trilogy the group joined together to right some wrongs and destroyed the strip club that belonged to the tyrannical Porky and his dirty-cop brother.

The gang still has an enemy at the school in the form of the gym coach, Beulah Balbricker. She makes school unbearable for the gang, and they set out to play a prank on her. They lead her to believe that an old boyfriend wants to meet her, and Mrs. Balbricker is heart broken when she finds that it was a prank. To make up for their misdeed, they set up to locate the real ex-boyfriend.

Meanwhile the evil Porky has rebuilt his empire. He has bought and refurbished an old river boat to start a casino and floating brothel. Porky is blackmailing the boys’ basketball coach, and the guys set out to stop Porky’s new operation. The plan goes awry, and Porky captures Meat messing around with his daughter. He holds the boys hostage until they agree to shave points in an upcoming basketball game so that he can make money on a bet.

The boys decide that by winning the game they can put Porky out of business, but first they need to get Meat eligible to play; he flunked his science class without reason because of a vengeful teacher. The boys set up to expose the teacher and get Meat eligible to play so that he can help the team work.

When Porky sees that he was double crossed, he starts out after the boy but risks falling right into another one of their pranks. Wendy also makes an attempt to reunite Mrs. Balbricker and her beau.

| 1985 | 1 hr 32 min | 4.8/10 | 24/100
Dan Monahan, Wyatt Knight, Tony Ganios, Mark Herrier
James Komack
Produced By
Robert L. Rosen
Porky's Revenge

Also starring Dan Monahan

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