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  • R
  • 2002
  • 1 hr 25 min
  • 3.6  (647)

Project Viper is a 2002 science-fiction movie that takes viewers on a wild adventure filled with action, suspense, and intrigue. The film is set in the year 2008, when the United States government has become obsessed with developing a revolutionary biological weapon to help protect the country from its enemies. Enter the title character, Project Viper, a genetically engineered snake designed to secrete a potent poison that can wipe out entire armies in a matter of hours.

The film follows Dr. Nancy Burnham (played by Theresa Russell), a brilliant scientist who heads the government research team responsible for creating Project Viper. Burnham is joined by her two key assistants, intelligence operative Vic Holden (played by Patrick Muldoon) and the somewhat bumbling lab technician Henry (played by Curtis Armstrong). As the team works tirelessly to perfect the deadly snake, they begin to realize that things are not as they seem.

Before long, it becomes clear that there are powerful forces working behind the scenes to ensure that the project is successful. As the team struggles to make sense of the underlying intrigue, they come into contact with a number of shadowy figures who may or may not be working with the government. As the stakes get higher and the snake's capabilities become even more terrifying, it becomes clear that not everyone has the same agenda.

As the movie progresses, viewers are treated to a steady stream of action-packed sequences that keep the tension high. There are plenty of chase scenes, shootouts, and explosions to keep viewers on the edge of their seats, and the filmmakers do a great job of maintaining a frenetic pace throughout.

Throughout the movie, the acting is solid from start to finish. Patrick Muldoon's portrayal of Vic Holden is especially noteworthy, as he imbues the character with just the right mix of swagger, humor, and intelligence. Theresa Russell also does a great job in her role as the driven scientist, conveying both the passion and conscience of a woman struggling to do what's right in a world full of moral ambiguity.

The movie's special effects are also impressive, especially given the film's relatively low budget. The snake itself looks convincing, with a sleek, computer-generated body that's both menacing and realistic. The action scenes are well-staged and highly engaging, with plenty of visual pyrotechnics to keep things exciting.

Overall, Project Viper is a highly enjoyable slice of sci-fi action that's well worth checking out. While the movie may not be the most thought-provoking or intellectually challenging film in its genre, it's a solid piece of entertainment that will keep viewers engaged from start to finish. Thanks to its fast pacing, well-executed action sequences, and strong performances from its cast, Project Viper is a movie that sci-fi fans will undoubtedly want to add to their collection.

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    1 hr 25 min
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    3.6  (647)