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  • TV-14
  • 2018
  • 1 hr 30 min
  • 4.7  (612)

Psycho Prom Queen is a suspense-filled thriller directed by Philippe Gagnon, premiered on April 16, 2018, on the Lifetime network. The movie tells the story of teenager, Madison Penrose (played by Nia Roam), a high school student who, after being bullied and humiliated by her peers, makes a deal with a mysterious friend named Brooke (played by Erica Deutschman) to get revenge. The deal, however, involves sacrificing her popularity queen status and losing her identity, paving way for a new person, Skylar (played by Allie MacDonald), to take her place.

The new popular queen, Skylar takes full advantage of her new status by enjoying all the benefits that come with it, including the love and admiration of her boyfriend, football star Tyler (played by Anana Montgomery-Dupe). However, soon after being crowned, Skylar starts seeing visions of a ghostly Madison haunting her. Skylar is quick to dismiss the weird occurrences as mere hallucinations, but as the visions become more vivid and disturbing, she starts questioning her sanity.

On the first prom night since Madison's mysterious disappearance, Skylar finds herself being pursued by a masked stalker, who seems to know too much about Madison's past. She is quickly thrown into a race against time to unmask the stalker's identity before he or she can harm her or her friends. Along the way, she discovers that Brooke, her mysterious benefactor, was involved in Madison's disappearance and is manipulating her to carry out her dirty work.

Detective Morris (played by Zoe McLellan), is called in to investigate the strange occurrences, but with a growing list of suspects and scanty evidence, Morris is faced with one of her toughest cases yet: finding out who the masked stalker behind Madison's disappearance is.

The movie's plot is an enthralling blend of psychological thrillers, horror movies, and teen drama. It grips the viewer with its unpredictable twist and turns, leaving one on the edge of the seat from start to the very end. The storyline keeps its heart-racing momentum from the opening scene to the closing credits. The tension in the movie is intense, and the suspense elements will surely keep viewers hooked and waiting for the next twist.

The film's cast did a fantastic job portraying their respective roles. Allie MacDonald gives an inspiring performance playing the dual roles of Skylar and Madison, while Nia Roam delivers a heart-wrenching performance as the tortured Madison. Anana Montgomery-Dupe offers a credible act as Tyler, who later helps Skylar in bringing out the truth behind Madison's disappearance. Finally, Zoe McLellan offers a great display of her acting prowess as Detective Morris, the no-nonsense cop determined to solve the case.

The movie's cinematography is one of the film's best attributes. The creative camera angles and sharp editing sustain the audience's adrenaline-fueled experience of the movie. The scenes are expertly lit, providing viewers with a haunting feel that complements the thriller's storyline. The soundtrack is also commendable, with eerie-sounding music adding to the suspense of the movie.

Psycho Prom Queen is a brilliant thriller that vividly captures all the elements that make up the genre. It is suspenseful, frightening, and thrilling in equal measures, making it an absolute must-watch for anyone who loves movies that can toy with their emotions to the last minute. Despite its title, the movie is not just about prom and high school drama. It explores themes such as bullying, manipulation, and psychological trauma, making it a movie that one can relate to even outside of the film's context.

In conclusion, Psycho Prom Queen is a must-watch thriller that will leave you glued to your screen from start to end. It is a testament to Lifetime network's unwavering commitment to producing quality movies that keep audiences entertained while also conveying important messages. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a movie that is both thrilling and thought-provoking.

Psycho Prom Queen
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