Red to Kill

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This movie follows the story of a man who lives a troubled, double life. This is the tale of a psychopathic man who goes through life preying upon the flesh of young women. He has a fascination with the color red, and a deep-rooted desire in him leads him to rape any girl he sees wearing the color. Despite the fact that the man is a serial rapist, the more disturbing aspect of his life is that he is actually a school teacher. He teaches children who have disabilities. One afternoon, things go horribly wrong for a student after her teacher sees her wearing red.

1994 |
Red to Kill is a 1994 category III Hong Kong film directed by Billy Tang Hin-Shing. [edit] Cast and roles Lily Chung - Ming-Ming Yuk Kong Money Lo - Ka Lok Cheung, the social worker Ben Ng - Chi Wai Chan Bobby Yip - Ugly Mental Patient [edit] Externa
Red to Kill
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Also directed by Billy Tang