Renaldo and Clara

Renaldo and Clara the movie starts off with a scene where Bob Dylan’s then wife Sara seems to give the okay to another man to help someone escape. The man seems to be escaping from prison by his style of dress. Each man runs off a different way and the story begins. The movie follows two main characters of the names Renaldo and Clara played by Bob Dylan and his then wife Sara. They are to stay romantically involved. In early parts of the movie we learn Joan Baez’s character, the woman in white, used to be romantically connected to Renaldo. They seem to reconnect for a short time until Renaldo trades her for a horse and then becomes involved with Clara. All is well between Renaldo and Clara until the woman in white causes trouble to the couple by confessing she still loves Renaldo.

The movie contains video footage of Bob Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue tour thrown in between to add more explanation to the plot. Many of the characters in this movie are played by Dylan’s inner circle at the time. Allen Ginsberg’s character makes few appearances in what seems to be a bordello containing the ladies in the movie. Although not directly involved with the plot, Ginsberg delivers some poetry in between scenes as well as music is delivered. The story continues as Renaldo is somewhat forced to choose between Clara and the lady in white. Renaldo seemingly choses Clara and they become affectionate on the bed of the apartment of which they are staying after the choice was made. The story then flashes between numerous scenes and concludes with Renaldo lying on stage thinking only to switch over to people watching a lounge singer as the credits roll.

| 1978 | 3 hr 52 min | 6.6/10
Bob Dylan, Sara Dylan, Joan Baez, Ronnie Hawkins
Bob Dylan
Produced By
Mel Howard
Renaldo and Clara
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Also starring Sara Dylan

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