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"She's bet everything, and we mean everything, that she can turn this New York cabbie into an overnight sensation. He has other things in mind. But he's never had a trainer like this one!"
  • PG
  • 1984
  • 1 hr 51 min
  • 4.0  (8,012)
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Set in the heart of New York City, Rhinestone is a 1984 comedy directed by Bob Clark and starring three beloved Hollywood stars - Sylvester Stallone, Dolly Parton, and Richard Farnsworth. The movie follows the unlikely journey of a brash and arrogant city boy who is forced to spend two weeks in Tennessee, where he meets a country singer who makes a bet with him that she can turn him into a country sensation in just two weeks.

Stallone plays the role of Nick Martinelli, a taxi driver with dreams of making it big as a performer. Frustrated with the limitations of his job, he believes he has what it takes to be an exceptional singer. However, his singing skills are far from impressive. After he is challenged by his friends to prove that he has real talent, he sets out to find the best vocal coach in the city. In a stroke of luck, he meets Jake Farris (played by Farnsworth), an old timer who offers to give Nick lessons but tells him that he needs to put more heart into his singing if he wants to be successful.

Despite Jake's warning that Nick needs to deliver more than just looks and style to make it as a singer, Nick remains stubborn and refuses to take him seriously. However, everything changes when he meets a feisty country singer named Jake, played by Dolly Parton. Nick sees her perform in a local club and is smitten by her charisma and musical abilities. When Jake proposes a bet that she can turn him into a country music star in just two weeks, he agrees to take the challenge. The catch is that if she fails, Nick will have to pay her $10,000, but if she succeeds, he has to sing a song she has written on stage.

Jake is a no-nonsense woman with a heart of gold who quickly takes charge of Nick's transformation. She whisks him away from the city and introduces him to the world of country music. Despite Nick's initial resistance to her rural ways, he gradually warms up to her and learns to appreciate the beauty of country music. Jake's musical touch works wonders, and as Nick's voice improves, he starts to develop genuine feelings for her.

Their relationship takes a romantic turn, and they start to bond over their shared passion for music. Despite this, Nick struggles to shed his urban sensibilities and connect with the down-home crowd. He also becomes increasingly frustrated when he realizes that Jake is not as committed to winning the bet as he is. As their deadline approaches, Nick is faced with the choice of admitting defeat or coming up with a novel solution that could turn the odds in his favor.

Rhinestone is a delightful comedy that showcases the acting and singing abilities of two iconic stars. Stallone, known for his tough guy persona, surprised his fans with his vocal skills, and Parton shines as the vivacious country singer. Their on-screen chemistry is palpable, and the supporting cast, particularly Farnsworth, complements their performances.

The movie is set against the backdrop of a vibrant country music scene, and the soundtrack features iconic songs like "Drinkenstein" and "Tennessee Homesick Blues," both performed by Parton. The film also explores themes of self-discovery, redemption, and the courage to follow one's dreams.

In conclusion, Rhinestone is a charming romantic comedy that showcases the musical and acting talents of its stars. The storyline is simple yet effective, and the movie leaves viewers feeling uplifted and entertained. It's a fitting tribute to the power of music and the magic of transformation, and it's a must-see film for anyone who loves and appreciates good music and a great love story.

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